Wednesday, June 30, 2010


I just got back from seeing Eclipse again. I was right, it really is a very good movie. I did what I said and I tried to search for a lull. I think the lull (if there even is one) is the council meeting on the reservation. I thought there was way too much background info on the history of the tribe in the book and while I understood why it was there and the importance of explaining it, I could have done without it, or I would have at least liked less of it. So I guess that's the lull that I was looking for but that's really a complement to the film because the "lull" was still interesting.

We'd always planned to see Eclipse on opening night. I felt kind of bad after I found out about the Twifecta. I thought my friends would think I was ditching them to see all three movies but I had no plans to not see it with them the next night. I can see a movie I love over and over so not worries for me, which is good because I bought my Twifecta ticket as soon as I found out about it and planned to go alone if no one else wanted to go with me. Luckily Angie is clearly as crazy as I am, which I appreciate.

It's also nice to see a film that you love and then have dinner with your friends so you can talk about it. We went to Chevy's and I had a pina colada. Perhaps one of the best I've ever had. It was very tall and very cold and did just what I thought it might. It made me just a little sleepy so when I went to bed I could make up for the sleep I lost the night before. I love pina coladas and I also love getting caught in the rain but that's neither here nor there.

My husband thinks I'm crazy for not only seeing 4 movies (one of them twice) in a 24 hour period but for getting to the Twifecta 2 hours ahead of time but it really was a smart move. We were able to sit in the front in excellent seats. The people who walked in at the last minute sat up front and probably stared at Rob's nose hair for two hours. What I didn't tell him was how I ran into the theater last night to assure us good seats, again, I prevailed.

Angie, Laura, Laura and her sister Kristen and myself sat next to a bunch of people who were together and took up several rows. It was a doctor and his family and maybe 6 8-10 year olds. He was very nice and even a bit entertaining. He was worried that it might be a bit racy for the kids and was pleased when we were able to tell him that it really wasn't. Although it was funny during the scene on the bed at the Cullen house when he leaned forward and tried to cover their eyes. I guess it was a little racy for an 8 year old.

I can't wait for Eclipse to come out on DVD. I know I will watch it a million times, just like I did Twilight. I've watched Twilight well over 40 times and I don't feel bad about it. At night when Chris plays Warcraft I will watch it if I am not writing. I'm not sure why but I haven't done that with New Moon. I like NM but I think it's a tougher story and requires more attention so I can't do other things and watch it at the same time, so I don't try. Eclipse will come out well before Breaking Dawn I hits theaters so maybe a Christmas release? That would be nice. I could get someone else to buy it for me. So much to look forward to. So many books to reread. My new Eclipse movie companion is eyeballing me like I've made a promise I've yet to fulfill. Good times.

Twifecta! Sigh.....Edward..............

Last night Angie and I drove to Alexandria to see the Twifecta! We left early in hopes of avoiding any NOVA traffic and we didn't hit any so clearly leaving at two so we could get something to eat beforehand was a good idea. When we first got to the theater I wasn't even remotely surprised that there was a line. We got our tickets from the kiosk and then walked across the way to get something to eat anyway at a French bistro that was actually pretty good and when we came back the theater was open so we went in and were able to get excellent front row seats in that middle section, kinda in the middle so we were set. My friend Heather who had planned to meet us got sick at work so at the last minute she couldn't come but was able to get her money back which shocked me. They gave us these lanyards which they told us we had to wear. I probably wouldn't have other wise but it had a groovy picture and came with a $10 gift card for concessions, which we used most of, I think. There really were a lot of people there which I guess makes sense because it was sold out but we were surprised at the amount of men that were there.

We were in our seats two hours before the Twilight was scheduled to start but I knew this place would be packed and getting there late was a bad idea. We should have brought books to read but didn't. The time past pretty quickly anyway so it wasn't too bad. The people watching kept my mind sharp. A few things I saw that stood out were, lots of guys there and granted they were all with women but still. Also, lots of Twishirts on older ladies, older than me and I thought it was funny. But the most random thing I saw was the couple who brought their two year old and had her sitting in what looked like the most uncomfortable umbrella stroller ever. Now stroller or not, who brings a kid that age to not just one, but three movies in a row? Did they really think that kid wanted to see 8 hours of Twilight? I guarandamntee she didn't! I don't think that kid made a noise more than 4 or 5 times all night and Angie thinks it's because they beat her down on a daily basis. I've never seen a kid this quiet in my life. As soon as the lights went down Owen would have started in at the top of his lungs,

"Momma it's dark in here. Why are there no lights? Why do you love that pasty guy, Momma? Gimmie some soda! Why is that fat chick screaming at the guy with the big teeth? Why is the TV so big? Does she ever stop chewing on her lip? Stop eating my popcorn, Michelle! Momma, is that Edward and Bella?"

It would have been never ending. Who brings a two y/o to eight hours worth of movie? As much as I love all things Twilight, if I hadn't had someone to watch BOTH of my children, my ass would have been at home. A kid going home at 3 AM? How do you justify that? Also, totally inappropriate to have your kids watching all that violence. When I watch Twilight while my kids are in the room, I fast forward through the fight sequences, cause that's what you should do , right?

Anyhoo, Eclipse really was a very good movie and I don't think I was expecting it to be. I'd seen a couple of clips that I wasn't pleased with and this was the first time Bella wears a wig and I thought at times it looked like a big Brillo pad, but I got over it. After I heard they got a new director for New Moon I was pissed cause I thought Catherine Hardwicke should have directed them all. Looking back now, clearly that is stupid. Getting new directors has kept everything new. Each film is like a whole new movie and less like a sequel. I mean I know it's a continuation of a story but Eclipse can stand on its own I think. I kept waiting for a lull because every film has one but I didn't find it. I will try to find it again when I go tonight to opening night with my girlfriends. The movie was packed with so much energy that I didn't realize until it was almost over that I hadn't found a lull.
Things I could have done without:
Jasper's weird eyebrow look. He did it once in New Moon when he wished Bella Happy Birthday at school and it annoyed me then but he must do it 10 times in this movie.
Brice Dallas Howard. She may be a good actress (maybe not, I really don't know) but she isn't Victoria. Rachelle would have done a better job, IMO.
I would have like a little more Bree, not a lot more just a little.
Taylor needs more acting lessons.
Rob needs a dialect coach. Unless he's like Madonna and can just sound British whenever he wants but no guy I've ever met from Chicago says "against" like that.
Things I totally loved:
The music is excellent! I've had the soundtrack since June 8th and a day hasn't gone by that I haven't listened to it. They have all been incredible but this one is the best I think.
I've loved all the movies so far but this one is the best. If you can't enjoy this movie it's because you're a hater and didn't give it a chance. I could see hating New Moon, but not this one.
It's a beautiful movie to watch. Knowing that that Cullen house was rebuilt on a sound stage makes it that much more incredible.

I will see it again tonight with my girlfriends and then we'll talk about it over dinner just like we did after New Moon. It's a prefect night for it too since it's Wednesday which is my husband's Warcraft night. I hate that we're seeing it in the mall because the place will be swarming with an infestation of teenagers, but what can you do?

I've been listening to the soundtrack all day and I get a perverse thrill to look over and see my son singing every word. In the last few weeks he's really picked up some speech and his memorizing is getting really good. Today I hear him at the store sing "Clang clang clang goes the trolley! Ring, ring, ring goes the bell! Zing, zing, zing goes my heart strings! From the moment I saw him I fell!" Complete with the hand gestures I taught him. On the way home from the store, my baby was singing Metric, "Will they hate me for, all the choices I made?" He's picking things up! I love it! I love I can work some Twilight into his learning.
I got home at 3:30 maybe? I was so tired that I'm not even really sure. The ride home was uneventful which is a good thing because it's the first time coming home from NOVA that I didn't get stuck in any traffic. I slept from 4-8 and felt pretty good when I got up. I'm sure I'll crash hard after the movie tonight but I'm not worried. I might get a chai tea on the way over just for the caffeine. That movie must have been really good to keep me up in such good spirits til the wee hours of the morning. Poor Angie forgot her pump. Hope your boobs feel better Angie!

Kia Commercial

I saw this trailer last night before Eclipse and I laughed out loud. I'm not saying I'd ever buy a Kia, but I'll never forget the commercial so it's kind of effective, and friggen hysterical.

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Worst. Parent. Ever.

This morning started out pretty good. I got up and got a shower before the kids got out of bed. I could hear that they were awake in their rooms but both were playing nicely so I let them go for a while as I slowly made breakfast. I generally make the same thing for both of them. Lots of fruit, Owen always gets a vitamin and has since he was 18 months old and I make him some kind of bread, bagel, English muffin or toast. It usually goes pretty smoothly.
The party over the weekend has left us with a fridge full of food and cupcakes everywhere. This morning when I was practically begging Owen to eat his breakfast he looked at me and said "cupcake!" "No Owen, we don't eat cupcakes for breakfast." He of course followed up with the rationalization that you can only get from a three year old, "CUPCAKE!" I had phone calls to make and appointments to make. On top of that I wasn't feeling 100% so for the first time since I can remember, I gave him something I knew was bad for him just to shut him up. I feel like a terrible parent and don't plan to do it again but God it worked! No wonder there are so many shitty parents out there. It's so easy when you give into their every whim. Maybe tonight I'll let them tell ME what time they want to go to bed. NOT!
You can see the chocolate around his mouth in this picture.

Monday, June 28, 2010


Tomorrow my girlfriend and I are driving to Alexandria to meet some other friends to see all three Twilight movies. I am so excited, I just can't tell you! I feel like I've been waiting forever for this which really isn't even close to being true but it feels like it. I read The Short Second Life of Bree Tanner, an Eclipse Novella and read Eclipse again as well. I read all four books so fast that I forget where Eclipse begins and ends so I wanted to have an idea what would or should be covered. I think I have high hopes for this movie but some of the clips haven't pleased me so we'll see. I'm trying to keep an open mind, but I know one things for sure, Rob will look good no matter what. That's the only of which I am certain. Also, I'll get to see angry Edward! I've so been waiting for him. I love me some angry Edward!

I'm taking my new Nikon with me so I can document the day/night. I'm sure Angie will get tired of that but she'll get a kick out of it when we get back and she's front and center on my blog. It's a good chance to see what this puppy can do anyway. I haven't had much time to sit down with it to figure it out. Not that it's rocket science because it's a point n shoot but it can do much more than my last PnS so I need to figure it out.

Anyhoo, I'm excited to finally get to see this movie and I just hope they didn't ruin it. I don't know much about the director so, fingers crossed!


Today River and I went to a consignment shop not too far from here called Once Upon a Child. We were just trying to waste some time while Owen was in his first day of school. The first time I came to this store I hated it. I found nothing in the correct place, clothes not priced and the sales girl a social retard. When Owen took another class up the street that only lasted an hour, I gave it another try because going all the way home wasn't an option. I found it to be a completely different store. It was clean, things were marked properly and the chick who had "helped" me the first time was nowhere to be seen. In fact, I haven't seen her since so maybe I wasn't alone in thinking that a lobotomy would have done her good.

My idea was to look for new hair bows for River. They always have tons and then even sell black ones which is almost impossible to find outside of Hot Topic. I got her a cute pink one that had little tiny skull and crossbones. I didn't buy any other bows because to be honest, she has every colour I liked. I did find some big flower clips that will be great for ponytails or pictures. But maybe the cutest thing I found were these two knit caps. They had them in maybe 10 colours but I bought these because they looked best on Riv. The blue one was almost a necessity because it matches her eyes. Granted, I can't really bust these out yet but they're pretty roomy so I think she's good to go for the fall and into winter. Only $3 and so cute! Whenever I see someone in one of these hats it reminds me of Rhoda, Mary's upstairs neighbor on the Mary Tyler Moore show. Granted, this show was before my time but I watched it in syndication.
I wanted a picture to add to this post so I took River in the back yard and shot a few frames. I have to say, these are some of my most favorite pictures I've ever taken of River. Sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn't but it sure is nice when the planets align for a groovy picture.

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Dropping the F Bomb

It finally happened, my son's speech delay caught up with me and bitch slapped me right in the face. I generally try to save my potty mouth for my blog, which I find to be quite cathartic but occasionally (my husband is guilty of this as well, no matter what he'll admit) when I get frustrated or angry, I'll let something fly. I can say that I honestly go out of my way to not curse in front of my children but I don't always win that battle. I'm human.
Last night while I was giving the children a bath, I did what I always do. I bathed them and once their hair was rinsed, I let them play. River's new form of play involves throwing anything that is holding water and she usually throws it out side of the tub because where's the fun in throwing water into water, right? It's the mess she creates that makes her laugh the loudest, even when she cracks me in the side of the head with a plastic cup filled with baby butt water.
She did it many times during the bath but at one point she picked up what is a pretty big cup, maybe calling it a Big Gulp cup isn't exaggerating too much. It was half filled with water and it landed on my leg, soaking my shorts. I said, "Oh my God River, no!" I found this to be a pretty tame response to water soaking my lower extremities. I grabbed one of the three towels I already had on the floor and tried to soak some of the water up. I had three towels on the floor because I've met my children and I know there is always a strong possibility of something like this happening. I grabbed a towel before the cup stopped bouncing and said, "No, River, no!" I'm still trying to get her to understand what NO means. When out of nowhere Owen yells, "Holy shit, River!" His reaction actually stunned me into silence and while I want to reprimand him, which I ended up doing, everyone is telling me to ignore it and not make a big deal about it and he will stop. It doesn't sit well with me to let a three year old say those things even if it is my fault. I just told him that him speaking like that is not OK and he seemed to get it. I guess we'll have to wait til next time to see if it stuck.
I really have been trying to drop the F bomb and not use other words like this when I'm angry. Just the other day Owen dropped his train from the kitchen table, twice and finally yelled, "Fucking choo choo train!" I'm 80% sure that's what he said which was enough for me. I handled it and haven't heard him say it since. We'll see.

Excessively Lazy Sunday

Last night was weird. As soon as the guys left for the city I put Owen down. It must have been around 3 PM which is two hours later than I usually put him down so I had no expectations that he would actually sleep but he was clearly exhausted from his morning of running around screaming and eating everything in the house so I thought it was smart to give it a try. He moaned a bit but ended up falling asleep until almost six o'clock. River who I put down at one didn't make a peep until about five thirty which meant she probably laid in there for a while before actually falling asleep, which isn't odd since there were a lot of people here and we were pretty loud.

While Owen was falling asleep I put all the food away and stacked the dishes to be washed. I'd had a crappy night sleep the night before so once I thought he was asleep I crawled into bed and fell asleep so fast that I barely remember laying down. When I woke up two hours later both kids were still out and I look like I'd slept on rocks. I must have been exhausted because I don't think I moved the whole time but I sure felt better!

I let the kids sleep til 6, knowing this would push back bedtime but there aren't worse things than dealing with my kids after you wake them up. River throws punches and Owen just whines. I was in the mood for neither and if they were as tired as I was, I understood. So, we had a late dinner of left over party fruit and chicken and played and watched TV for a few hours before I gave the kids a bath which is so easy because they love it. I just have to watch out for Owen who likes to go from one side of the tub to the other many times, sometimes knocking River over. She just laughs. Needless to say we all went to be pretty late. I think I put River down at 8:30 and Owen down just after 9:30. They're both usually in bed by 7:30 on a good night, bath and all. I have trouble sleeping when Chris is out so I was up til almost 2 AM writing and watching TV.

I woke up this morning at about 6:30 and to feed the dog and let her out. The kids were still asleep and Chris wasn't home yet so I went back to bed. I woke up again at 8:45 and freaked out a little cause it was so late and started to worry that the kids weren't breathing, Stupid, I know but I always do that when they sleep for too long. As I threw myself down the hallway I heard Veruca bark so Chris got home, looking like someone beat him in his sleep, just as I was getting up.

The kids were fine and we had breakfast while my husband kindly took a shower. He went back to sleep and still isn't up. It's 12:45. I am tired so I'm waiting for him to make an appearance. My oldest angel starts summer school tomorrow so we need to drive to the school so I'll know how long it will take. I'd almost like to prepare myself for the area it is in. Not that I have reason for concern but I just like to know. Oh, it's 1:10 and my husband just woke up. Whoo hoo!
*EDIT* he just told me that he's going back to bed. What the hell kinda rockstar is that?

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Chris's Special Day!

Today my weeks of planning came to fruition. I got up early and prepped for this party that my husband didn't know about. I got the kids up and let him sleep in. That's the deal in this house. You get to sleep as late as you want on your Birthday and him being in bed while I got stuff in the over could only help me.

I'd almost gotten the sweet cornbread in the oven when I heard his rumblings. I needed to tell him something so I decided to tell him I needed him to run to Giant for me to get a few things. That would get him out of my hair while I finished the deviled eggs and put the icing on these kick ass cupcakes. I gave him a list and after a shower, he was off. I should thank Karen for the icing recipe, totally worth making my own icing. I will never buy store bought icing again! I even coloured them in Virginia Tech colours for the guys.

I'm not the best liar and I had lied so much to him over the last few days just to keep my secret that I couldn't remember what I had told him. I knew he didn't know about the Orioles game and I knew he didn't know about the hotel so I gave him just enough to get him to Giant. I figured when he got here his parents would be pulling up any minute with his sister and her daughter and maybe he'd think that was his surprise. While that is a nice surprise I knew what he really wanted was to spend some time with his friends but I wanted to watch him suffer when he thought it was just family. It was funny.

After his family arrived and we hung out a bit the guys started arriving one by one. It was nice because they're all great guys so it's always a joy to see them. They couldn't all go to the game but I waited for the ones who could to get here so they could tell him. He was surprised by it all and happy that we'd been able to pull it off. BT was a big help in getting the tickets for the game AND finding a hotel room. I wouldn't have known where to begin with either of those things so I appreciated the help.
Owen ate his weight in Doritos and cupcakes and even woke up whining "cupcake" while still in bed. I told him if he got up and ate his dinner, which was already on the table that I'd let him have one after he was finished. I went to get River up while he went in to eat his dinner. After I got River up I came into the kitchen to see him sitting on the floor, eating a cupcake, dinner untouched. The nerve!
Now the house is put back together, the food is put away, the kids are bathed and in bed, I am sitting down with a drink while I get pictures from a phone of one of the guys. The one above was the most tame. Now I can go to bed, get some sleep and wake up tomorrow and get back to what's really important, planning MY Birthday!
Today starts the only two months of the year where I'm only four years older than Chris. In August it goes back to five. Simple pleasures.....


In a previous life I was a restaurant manager. I wasn't a good restaurant manager but I feel like I tried, it just wasn't for me. I hurt my back and shoulder right before I went into management and it seemed like while I was working those long shifts on my feet that it just never got better. I got tired of complaining about being in pain so I left. I actually thrived at ordering grown men around. That part was tough to give up, not that I ever actually gave it up but as a career I guess I ditched it. I would love to get paid to do that again just in some other capacity.

However that wasn't the only reason I left. Three days before my 27th Birthday in the middle of the hottest month of the year, a guy in a black ski mask came through the back door with a gun. By the time I turned the corner on my way into the kitchen, he already had the dish guy by the back of his shirt and had the gun pointed at the back of his head. He immediately looked at me as I came into view and said, "Are you the manager?" I'm sure a million things went through my head in that millisecond and one of them as I started to lift my right foot to stretch it across my left and make a run for it was, I will never get back through the kitchen doors before he shoots me in the back. So I stood there while he let the dish guy go and grabbed the back of my shirt instead, pulling my hair that was falling down my back which looking back pissed me off because it was unnecessary.

There were many visuals that day that I am unable to forget, even though I would like to. I will never forget the site of a man in a ski mask pointing a gun in my direction. I will never forget the bus guy who spoke very little English telling me that someone wanted me in the kitchen knowing there was a man in there with a gun. Had he spoken better English he could have warned me. The visual is of me being held back by my employees when after the fact I tried to attack him. I don't think I saw him again after that day. Truth be told if I saw him now I'd still like to punch him in the nose. I will also never forget what it felt like to have a gun pressed against my skin. This happened at 9 AM and obviously I went home early that day. I remember trying to lay down and rest but every time I closed my eyes those visuals kept coming back. I couldn't close my eyes without seeing his eyes poking through that fucking ski mask. I couldn't rest without feeling him shoving me across the office towards the safe or hearing the girl next to me cry like a baby the whole time. It was overwhelming.

Yesterday was much the same. I kept seeing how blue my baby's eyes were under that pool water and had on several occasions shake my head and tell myself to stop it. Last night I woke up and found myself unable to go back to sleep. I think I was up for at least four hours before nodding off only to have to get up early to prepare for Chris's party. I hope the same thing doesn't happen when I go to bed tonight but I fear that it will. I had to take a nap when the guys headed into Baltimore because I was so exhausted. Thank God the kids were asleep!
I hate that bad visuals are so hard to shake.

Friday, June 25, 2010

"Hiroshima, It's da Bomb!"

Tonight I took my husband to a Birthday dinner in Baltimore. It's his 35th Birthday so I guess it's a special one. Not as special as say your 40th, but special enough. He'd listed a few restaurants he'd like to go to if I could get a sitter and this sounded the best and we hadn't been yet so I took the plunge and made a reservation.

Michelle was nice enough to watch the chitlins for us while we went to a dinner that we rarely get to enjoy alone. The weirdest thing about the restaurant was that it felt so quiet, creepy quiet. It got a little louder when the band started playing but it was a piano, bass and a straight sax so no one was banging heads.

After I dropped the kids off I got money for the valet and picked Chris up who was wearing the clothes I'd laid out for him. We hit the road and he had no idea where we were going but he sure asked a lot of questions. I threw him off by skipping Rt 10 into Baltimore and driving down to I 97, but he figured out where we were going soon enough.

Whenever we go to a new fancy restaurant there is one question we subconsciously try to answer. Is it better than Ruth's Chris? While I feel I can't really answer that question because I didn't have a steak, we both had prime rib, I can tell you this, that is the best prime rib I have ever had! I couldn't even eat all of it. That thing was HUGE! Since the restaurant is called The Prime Rib, we had their specialty and it really rocked! Between the two of us, we ordered like $100 in meat alone. Granted so me of it is in the fridge, but I feel like I ate a year's worth of meat. They also had lobster bisque my which is my favorite and it was excellent!

After we'd eaten our dinner, talked about Sarah Palin (yack!) and they cleaned off out table with one of those things that looks like a straight razor, the waiter brought Chris his dessert. The waiter carried it over and as he did they guy played Happy Birthday on his straight sax which I thought was awesome! It sounded beautiful!

I had strawberries for dessert because Chris's birthday dessert was chocolate mousse, which I am no t a fan of but I could imagine if you're a fan of chocolate, it was probably pretty good. Chris thought so so we got one to go for Michelle. Hopefully she's a chocolate fan as well but I think I'm the only one that doesn't like chocolate.

When we drove out of the city we found ourselves on MLK Boulevard, always a treat in any city. Again, it felt like the back lot of The Wire. I was waiting for someone to yell, "Hiroshima, it's da bomb!" It didn't take us long to get past all the able bodied males on almost every corner and get back to 295. I never really like driving into the city. No idea how I ever spent so much time in one when I was in school but it was enlightening.

The best compliment my son can give you is to freak out when he leaves your house. It means he had so much fun there that he just doesn't want to leave. Since he'd whined about not being able to see Sydney at the pool this morning, I knew he'd be up for spending some time with her. Chris had to carry him dead weight and all to the car and he cried all the way home. I knew he was tired when he was whining about his shoes, which I thought I'd put in the bag when we left but I didn't. Chris had carried him to the car so we didn't put them on his feet. BIG MISTAKE! Owen doesn't like to be shoeless when he leaves the house. This is funny because I hate wearing shoes and don't if the option makes sense. We actually had to dig out some old sandals and let him wear them around for a little bit so he's relax. It was weird. Michelle's husband Brian was nice enough to drop Owen's sandals off on his way into work, which I appreciate.

The best compliment I can give you is to leave my children with you. Michelle and I have a lot of differences but I think she's a good mom and I trust her with my kids. That's all I really need to know.

Happy Birthday Baby!

It's Not a Full Day Til Momma Cries at the Pool!

Today I took the kids to the pool. We've done this a lot lately since Owen has been out of school. He starts back on Monday and we were trying to squeeze one extra day at the pool with our friends before summer school takes over our lives.
I had some Birthday stuff to do for my husband so I got that handled early and we rolled into the pool around ten. Some of my girlfriends were coming and bringing their kids as well but we weren't sure what time so we just gathered up some chairs and hung out. Owen likes to play with all the toys that are there and River likes to walk around the pool. I just sit in the baby pool and follow River around wherever she goes. She likes to crawl out of the pool when no one is looking.
Everyone else got there about eleven and Owen was happy when his friends showed up. They all played around in the pool and after I fed River her lunch, we got back in as well. Max and Owen tackled me over and over and they thought it was the funniest thing. Jayce was in his little float and Ava was in hers. I let River play in Ava's float for a while when she had her lunch and she seemed to like it. It was nice to not have to hold her for a little bit but after a while she was over it and just wanted to move around. Two things happened in a very short period of time. Jayce flipped over in his float and took a header into the pool. Angie and someone else ran and got him out and he was fine. i don't even think he minded. As soon as Laura said, "Can you guys keep an eye on Ava while I take Max to the bog pool?" the umbrella that was attached to the table that was shading Ava flips over and starts falling towards her. Laura thankfully caught the stupid thing but there was a breathless moment there. As soon as they were able to fix it I said, "OK, that's two. There should be one more catastrophe today!"
I could not have been more right. After River seemed to have grown tired of the float, I sat it on the side of the pool but River kept reaching for it. I didn't like that she was trying to pull it in and moved it farther and farther away many times. What I should have done was gotten up and moved the float away from the pool, but I didn't. One of the other kids did something stupid and it took my attention for a few seconds. When I turned back around I didn't see River but that fucking float was in the pool, upside down. I scrambled to move the float and she was floating underneath it, face up with her eyes wide open. I'm not sure if I screamed or not but I totally freaked out and in the seconds between the time I first spotted her and when I picked her up, I thought she was unconscious.
I pulled her from the water and she immediately coughed a little. She didn't hack like she really got a lot of water in and she seemed more stunned than anything. I smacked her back and held her arms up while I waited for her to cry or at least start bitching but she didn't do either. She was totally fine. I didn't handle it as well and once I realized she was fine, I started to cry. It's very upsetting to see your baby floating like that.
Needless to say, I was done at the pool for the day. I loaded up the family and we went home. While I can float like a champ and hold my own in a pool, I don't technically know how to swim and I don't like the idea of water covering my face like that so I don't like to see my daughter in the middle of what is basically my worst nightmare. The visual of her floating face up in a pool of water with her eyes open will stay with me. But, she's fine.

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Icing On The Cupcake!

My girlfriend Karen made cupcakes for her daughter's (Jane) first Birthday party and they were incredible. She made her own icing and while it was a little extra work it was totally worth it because they were THE best cupcakes I'd ever had. They were better than either store bought or homemade. When I brought some home for Chris his exact words were, "This cupcake is better than sex!" He was right.

So, when it came time to celebrate Chris's 35th Birthday this weekend I decided to go for it and make my own icing. I made it early and have it hidden in the back of the fridge. I crowded it with a bunch of stuff he doesn't eat so unless he cleans out the fridge which won't happen, he won't find it. I'll make the cupcakes while he's at work tomorrow and hide them too.

This is what I did for Chris's Birthday. I wasn't sure what to do but I knew I wanted to involve his fraternity brothers if possible because he just loves them and we don't get to see them enough because they live in NOVA, where Chris is from. Our friend Karen suggested getting them together for a BBQ and then an Orioles game. BT, her husband ran with that and not only got tix to the game but found a hotel room in Baltimore for them to crash for the night. He knows nothing about these plans and I think he'll be really excited.

I am taking Chris to dinner in Baltimore at The Prime Rib on Friday and then everyone is coming over for a BBQ at 11 AM on Saturday. His parents and sister are coming as well. I plan to tell Chris that I couldn't get reservations for Saturday night so that's why we're going on Friday. Hopefully he'll buy it and then during dinner I will give him some sob story about not being able to find a babysitter for the kids for Saturday so that we could do something fun. I think he'll drink the KoolAid if I can stop myself from laughing. I'm a horrible liar.

Anyhoo, I premade the icing this morning as well as boiled the eggs for deviled eggs which I must admit, I make really well. Scallions are my friend. I coloured the icing in Virginia Tech colours so hopefully they'll notice. The maroon could have been deeper but I didn't want to work it anymore It needed to get in the fridge.

Obviously I can't post this til Saturday but I wanted to keep track of the goings on.

Logan turns 1!

I must have RSVP'd to this party over two weeks ago. The moment I did and up until Tuesday night, I thought it was on Wednesday. Come to find out it was on Thursday right smack dab in the middle of River's physical therapy appointment. I can't justify pulling her out of PT for a party but trust me when I tell you that I'd rather go to a party and watch my son eat cake than watch my daughter NOT walk around my basement for an hour.

So, our friends Laura and Alexa were kind enough to offer to take Owen to the party with them! This is huge because I always feel bad when he has to miss a party because of something that can't be helped. I'm still pissed about having to miss Natalie's party but what are you gonna do?

Laura took my camera with her and was able to take these pictures. I asked her to get photos of Owen strong arming the cake but to my surprise he didn't do that. That's two parties in a row where he showed patience so I'm impressed. I'm not sure what Owen is holding above his head in the 3rd picture but I can't imagine that it ended well. He said he had a great time and mentioned the cake, Sydney, Morgan and baby Ava. He brought an inflatable hammer home with him and I'm sure he'll be beating the dog and his sister with that in no time. On a total side note, I went looking for my camera no less than 4 times while they were gone. Addicted much?

Wish we could have been there but these pictures are the next best thing. Thanks Laura!

Mind The Gap!

I just love Gap Kids. I think it has become my favorite store for clothes for River. Not so much for Owen because I think a lot of their boy clothes look babyish. I like Crazy 8 for him because they seem to always have great rockstar t-shirts and while they are owned by the same people that do Gymboree (which I'm not a big fan of) it's much cheaper.

I went into Gap Kids this week while I was in the mall returning something and almost everything was 40% off! I only buy stuff there when it's on sale so I was glad to see this. I bought River a really cool pair of overalls, and groovy top and this black pair of skinny jeans and I spent $22! River is the only one in our house that could even attempt skinny jeans but she's totally workin them! I mean they're too big around her butt because she has the tiniest butt I've ever seen. When Owen was her age he was wearing a 3T short and they were snug. Not sure who she gets this tiny figure from cause it ain't me! That shit must skip a generation.

Anyway, skinny jeans, who knew? Finding black jeans is hard enough but black and skinny, almost impossible. Go Gap Kids!

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

When Slip N Slides Attack!

How I didn't see this coming is beyond me. I took that Wet Banana like a champ! Once I learned to push off correctly before flying onto the long yellow strip of plastic, I was good to go. I was flying like an eagle until I came crashing onto the wet yellow plastic but how did I forget that there was ground under there?

Clearly I'm a moron. My whole body hurts and I mean my WHOLE body. I can feel it when I lift up my arms. It actually took my husband saying, "My stomach hurts through here," before I figured out what it was. If he hadn't suggested the Wet Banana was the culprit, I might have missed it. I feel worse today than I did before so I'm hoping tomorrow will start to get better. Bending over is not easy today and if I have to pick Owen up I'm in trouble. I had to do it when I took River to the doctor yesterday and I winced. Not cool.
I guess the only real question is, if I try it again will it hurt as bad? I mean sometimes the hair of the dog that bit you is just what you need. Maybe it hurt this bad because I haven't done it in so long. Perhaps next time if won't hurt. I mean unless I break something. I hope my thinking isn't totally off because that was way too fun to not revisit.

An Open Letter To Nikon

Look, I'm a Nikon girl. I was a Minolta girl but since I bought a Nikon DSLR a few years ago, I've been converted. Also, I'm not a big fan of Sony, who bought Minolta. My camera is an excellent camera and all of the Nikon accessories that I've purchased to go with it, including lenses, flash, filters, remote controller, and even bags have been excellent thus far. However I just bought a new Nikon point and shoot and when I opened it I was slightly annoyed.

The Coolpix I got has gotten great reviews. I did a lot of reading before I bought it. I knew I didn't want a Canon because I'm just not a fan. It feels like I'm playing with a toy when I pick up one of those things and the PnS that I had was a Canon and it just broke so it started out with a strike against it. I only got the camera last night so I'm not totally familiar with it yet. I DO know it's got great zoom and it fits in my pocket which were two big selling points. I got ruby red because I dig red! S0 my issue isn't with the actual camera. My issue is with an accessory. The camera bag to be exact. The Coolpix comes with this great black leather camera bag that closes securely. It's a tight close and there is no way the camera would ever pop out of it. The problem is that the reason that it snaps so tightly shut is because there is a huge magnet inside the bag holding it closed. Umm, hello, who wants a huge, strong magnet sitting on top of their camera all day long?

While I know to keep my cameras away from strong magnetic fields and this isn't that, it could still harm my memory card or possibly delete my memory. I'm not just guessing this could happen. I've owned good cameras for over 20+ years and I've had it happen. My first digital camera went the way of the magnet. It wouldn't do it in one day but if I left my camera in that bag for one year or two it could definitely cause some damage. Why would anyone still sell a camera bag that closes with a magnet? I called Nikon to ask them and was told that it should not hurt the camera but that I might want to keep the LCD and/or memory card on the opposite site of the magnet. WTF? Hello? If I need to do that why not just make one with a zipper of Velcro closure? I will never be able to use this bag that came with it. That's camera 101. Don't put your friggen camera next to a magnet. Why don't I just take it into the shower with me? It would probably be OK if I held the LCD away from the water. Morons as far as I can see.

Maybe Vader Someday Later.....

I love Weird AL. The first thing I think I ever heard him do was "My Bologna" and I remember thinking how funny it was. In the 80s he did "Like a Surgeon" and "Eat it" and "FAT" which was my personal favorite. I think he's really smart and could have done almost anything but chose this. Why I don't know but I think he's pretty good at it.

On the way home from dropping the Odyssey off at the dealership this morning to handle some recall issues this song came on satellite radio. I friggen love this song and haven't heard it in years. I was surprised at how much of it I remembered. The videos are even more funny than the songs. "White & Nerdy" has Donny Osmond jumping around. I'm almost certain I'd never seen that one. I can't remember if I saw this back in the day but if I did, it didn't stick with me. I haven't heard much from Weird AL since his parents died of Carbon Monoxide poisoning in 2003 or 2004.

My husband and I agreed on two things about Weird Al. One, he's funny and 2, he is the reason we hate Coolio. I remember Coolio being a complete ass when Weird Al did the remake of his song. He acted like he'd never given permission and made a big deal about it. I always thought he was full of shit. Weird Al didn't need permission but apparently asked for it anyway.

Whatever, this song is funny. I love that the Emperor is playing the piano.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Red, White & Groovy

Back: Owen, Cooper, Naomi, Max & Sydney
Front: Alexa, Natalie, Ayden & Morgan

Today we had Owen's Playgroup pictures taken. We do it once a year and did the babies a while back which is good because getting two kids ready for picture day is too much. River isn't a big fan of having his picture taken professionally and did much better without me in the room. I should remember that next time.

Most of these kids are the same ones he's been playing with. Naomi is the newest to our group. I think Sydney and Max were the first kids we'd met when Owen was maybe 6 months old. At almost 3 1/2, he's been playing with them for most of his life and we just love them!

All of the kids handled today really well. The girls really always have because they're girls and they listen. Owen threw himself on the floor once but I handed him a sucker and he started behaving. He knows right where they are when we come in and goes right to them. I'd rather have a kid in a picture with a sucker than no kid in the picture. I actually took so many suckers away from him that when I got home I dug 6 or so of them out of my pockets. I just forgot to put them back.

Owen didn't run out of the room over and over, Cooper didn't cry, Alexa agreed to wear denim and look at Naomi up there in the middle. She looks like a friggen rockstar! I don't even know what Max is doing but it's cute as hell! I couldn't get Owen to smile but at least he looked at the guy taking the pictures. I've also got to ask Michelle where she got those cool shorts Syndey was wearing cause they were CUTE! I just know she'll say TCP cause she knows I'm not a fan but I'd totally buy those shorts!

I can't wait for the pictures to come back. These kids really are very cool and not an ugly one in the bunch! I know, I know, all kids are sweet but not all kids are cute. That's is a big ole' misconception!

We do this once a year but most of us have agreed that when the kids turn 5 we are going to hire a professional photographer and go to a park when it's beautiful. Centennial Park in September/October is breathtaking. That's two years away so plenty of time to think about it but I can already visualize it. It looks pretty groovy from here. We all look great!

Also, my favorite things about these pictures is Owen sitting next to Ayden in the one of just the boys. Look at the difference in the sandal size of Ayden and Owen! Owen's feet are like twice the size. Owen wears a 13 and I have no idea what Ayden wears. Probably the normal size for a almost 3 year old. I think his Birthday is in August which means they are 7 months apart but still, Owen's feet aren't human.

Monday, June 21, 2010

Off Brand Tylenol

I found this Tylenol logo on their website. It would be a lot easier to "feel better" if the makers of Tylenol and Motrin would stop trying to kill my kids.

Today my baby girl developed a temperature of 102.8. I have no idea where it came from. She was fine yesterday and we went to the pool this morning. She didn't seen warm then but she was a little more fussy than usual when I look back on it. I'd love to give her a fever reducer but finding that shit is like the search for the Lockness Monster, never ending.

I called her Pediatrician to talk to him about what's going on with her and the fact that she just took 10 days of Amoxicilan. Her temp was pretty high. It registered at 102.8 the first time and 103.2 the second. I've yet to find a thermometer that is worth a damn to it's a crap shoot as to which one if correct. She seems a little tired but other than that is fine. The Ped told me to give her something to reduce her fever. He told me to give her an off brand because Tylenol and Motrin haven't gotten their shit together since the April recall. They've been making that shit for like 57 years so how they haven't figured out how to do it yet is beyond me. Medicine making 101 say you don't make it for children with little chunks of crap in it. Also, figure out the fucking dosages so parents don't accidentally overdose their kids by giving them the amounts you write on the box. How hard is that to get right with 57 years practice? Apparently it's pretty damn tough.
Because all of my Tylenol and Motrin was recalled, again, I had to go out and get some new medicine for River. Now I didn't mind the trip because she's my daughter and she's sick and I'd do anything for her but CVS didn't have their brand, Rite Aid didn't have their brand and Wallgreens didn't have their brand. I had to call my friend Michelle just for suggestions on where to go because I didn't know where to look. I don't give my kids a lot of medicine but River's temp is higher than it's ever been and that worried me. I went to three friggen stores looking for anything for infants and they had nothing. I guess there is a run on it because everything got recalled. I called my friend Karen for another suggestion as to where I could look and she had two bottles so I just went to her house and snagged one. By the time I got home she was asleep and we had to wake her up to give her the medicine which she opened her mouth for and then went right back to sleep when we put her down.
From now on I am going to go out of my way to not by Tylenol or Motrin. I already don't buy that stuff for myself but I thought I was doing the right thing for the kids by buying the good stuff. I was clearly mistaken. Jackasses, it just makes me mad! These people fucking up so royally when manufacturing these medicines is like McDonald's making a Fish Fil A incorrectly. I know it happens because it happens to me but it's always because someone half ass did their job because they thought n one would notice. I can handle when you do that shit to me but don't put my kid in danger because you're an idiot or just plain lazy.
Poor River.

I'm Not Picky

I hate weeding. I mean I really hate it. I think the basis of it is that I don't like to be dirty, or hot, or sweaty. Also, last year while weeding I got bitten by something that seemed to take up residence on my calf and left a really nasty bump there for like a month. It was vile. I like having a garden and I like be able to go into the back yard for herbs and tomatoes and such but if I could hire a garden boy, I totally would. Do they even have such a thing? I could pay him with tomatoes and eyebrow waxing.
Yesterday while I was filling the kiddie pool I did some weeding in the garden and I was amazed at how many weeds there were. I'd just done it last week so these weeds are crazy growers because they were already taller than the corn. Maybe if I could find a pair of gloves that were worth a damn it wouldn't be such a pain in the ass. I don't care how many times I wash them, there is always dirt inside that gets under my finger nails. When I was planting this year's garden a hole developed right at the tip of my index finger so every time I touched the dirt it all went straight under my nail. Just a pet peeve of mine.
What would be nicer than sitting on the deck watching a hot guy pick my tomatoes? I could make some of that chai tea that I love and I'd buy one of those big straw hats with a black scarf tied around it that fell down my back. I'm sure some of my girls would join me. A hot British guy would be nice but I'm not picky, I'd take an Australian. If he's feeling frisky he could clean my toilets as well. I would pay him extra if his teeth were even remotely straight. I'd also like it if he could call me ma'am and occasionally brush his hair out of his face with his forearm. He also needs to bring his own gloves. Not that I've thought about it much.
There's no reason for this to bother Chris because we have other chairs. He could watch too. There's more than enough tea to go around.

Double Dutch Bus

I heard this song on the radio on the way home from the pool today. I haven't heard it in ages but I still remembered every word. I use to skate to this when I was eleven. Without even looking I bet it came out in late 1980/81 . I'd put on my white roller skates (the first and last time I ever put anything white on these feet) with the pink poof with the bell in the middle and show my ass at the Nashville Skate Center. I'd wear my favorite shirt with the sleeves that flapped in the wind as I flew past all the haters. Momma would drop me off there on Friday nights. I have no idea why because that place was an infestation of girls who stole Virginia Slims from their mother's and smoked them incorrectly because they thought it made them look cool and boys who thought they were extras from the movie Grease. I was also the queen of Space Invaders, with my skates on. I could beat anyone no matter their footwear.

I had my first kiss there and even took a hit from a cigarette which I thought tasted like burning dirt. I remember there was a boy there who I thought was much older but he was probably twelve or thirteen and his name was Frank MaCelroy. I think I thought he was cute because he looked like Ralph Macchio and he had big teeth and a small upper lip so when he smiled all of his teeth were exposed. He also wore really dark jeans and always a button down shirt that was tucked in. His jeans were inhumanly tight but hey, we were just a year or so out of the seventies so I give him a break in my memories. I have no idea why the teeth thing stuck with me. They must have been BIG. This is forcing me to Google him. I'll see if it turns up anything.

This video was made for Dutch TV back in the day. It speeds up the song a bit but it's so cheesy that I had to include it. It makes me giggle. Anyhoo, Double Dutch Bus, still kicks ass!

Sunday, June 20, 2010

When Adults Attack

Let me preface this post by saying that I bought this instrument of fun for my children with no intentions of using it for my own giddy pleasure.
A couple of weeks ago I spent $7 of a wet banana at Walmart. It's pretty cool because you hook the hose to one end a water runs up the side creating a constant fountain all the way down so it's always wet. At the very end it shoots the water up in all directions so when you hit it it sprays you with water. Very cool. These things weren't this detailed when I was a kid. It was just basically a long yellow tarp (hence wet banana) that you had to spray with the hose to keep wet. This one was totally more fun.
I set everything up earlier so the water might be able to warm a little bit, not that either of my children care. They both hop right in the pool like they can't feel the cold. My husband was reading and wasn't totally jazzed about going outside into the heat. It's 94 degrees right now and it's just so hot that it feels sticky so while I couldn't blame him I knew there was a pool involved and I'd be sitting in that pool watching out for River so I wasn't overly concerned about the heat. With last weeks monumental sunburn I also lathered the whole family in suntan lotion.
I've had Owen out back with the wet banana a couple of times and he's played on it but I could never really get him to understand what to do so I asked Chris to show him, never thinking he'd actually do it. Just when I thought Father's Day couldn't get any more fun, I watched my husband speed down the wet banana like he was being pulled by a speed boat! When I took that first picture I laughed out loud! Doesn't that look like fun? Of course I had to try it and I'll be honest it took me a while to not run like a girl and figure out how to push off so I'd shoot down and into the little pool of water but once I did it I felt like I was in the 4th grade. Good times. Maturity is overrated.
On a side note: Happy Birthday EC!

"River Has Jaundice"

Because this post included Father's Day spoilers, I had to wait until after we gave my husband his Father's Day gifts before I could share. This may be a long post because we did a lot for Daddy this year.

On Thursday my friend Karen came over with her kids Cooper and Jane, which always goes over well with Owen because he just loves them! I'd seen a painted tree somewhere and it had given me the idea to buy some canvas and make hand print trees with my kids and Karen was up for it so after I went to Michael's first thing they came over after River's PT appointment.

We painted the kids arms brown to create the tree trunks and then painted their hands which were the leaves of the tree. Cooper wanted to add apples to his but instead of that I decided to use green for Owen's hands and red for River's. River looked like a Proctologist and Jane ate some of the green paint but other than that, it was relatively easy. Owen isn't one for weird sensations so I was just glad he let me paint his arm. It helped that Cooper went first. I think that helped Owen think it was cool.

We let the pictures dry in the sun and threw the kids in the tub because they were covered in paint. I think River was the worst because instead of painting her arm with a brush I just used my fingers. By the time we took them out it looked like a box of Crayolas was murdered in there. Not that I minded. It needed a good cleaning anyway. I needed to hide the evidence as well as I possibly could so Chris wouldn't be suspicious. I almost crapped myself when he called me back to her room that night and while changing her diaper made me look at her arm and said, "I think River has jaundice." He was serious too and said it with some concern. I even giggled because I couldn't stop myself. I have no idea if I played it off well or not but I DID play it off. "No, it could be just dirt or the lighting." Owen and I added some grass to their painting later which was painless. I just covered him in a smock. I wasn't interested in cleaning the tub again. When Owen gave Chris the painting they made he was so proud of himself. Sweetest thing ever!

Another gift I wanted to give Chris for Father's Day is a reading area. We have talked a lot about getting rid of my desk and bringing his 400 pound monster desk into the office to make more room. While he was golfing yesterday I got busy. I had no choice but to do it with the kids here so I turned on the Chipmunk movie and crossed my fingers.

I will have you know that it took me forever to get that damn desk into the office! I tried to get it through right side up, didn't work. I tried to get it through by turning it on it's side, didn't work. It was only off my maybe 1/2 inch but I knew if I tried to sneak it through that I could scratch it and didn't want to catch Chris's wrath on that one. I had to not only take the office door off but I had to take the top of the desk off as well. My Ikea tool kit that everyone makes fun of held it's own for this task. In fact I might not have been able to make it happen with a regular screwdriver. My Ikea screwdriver has all these different bits and I think I used four of them just to get the desk apart. Today my back feels like I'm 80 years old but the house looks a lot better. The basement is a lot more open and there's so much more room for activities. I was also able to finally hang a framed print of a cartoon that Chris's dad got from one of the cartoonists he writes for and the John Lennon print in the office.

The only down fall of this whole "reading area" thing is that he's been sitting in that chair all morning. I did this to myself. It's a nice big $700 chair and a half chair from my single days so I'm a big fan of it. It's very comfortable so I can't blame him. I can't believe I almost got rid of it.