Thursday, May 13, 2010

Why I Hate Safeway

I'm not talking every Safeway, just the one near my house. It's within walking distance to the Giant so how this shithole (I'm a work in progress) stays open is beyond me.

When we first moved to this house, a little over 3 years ago, I went here every week. It's smaller and kinda dark inside so it felt quaint. Also, I thought the people were nice and they always talked to my kids. I slowly stopped going there for one reason, nothing is ever marked. I couldn't even get past produce in that store without getting pissed off. How hard is it to put up a sign so I'll know how much grapes are? It isn't rocket science. Putting a price tag on something should be a staple of what you do. Now Safeway isn't as bad as Shopper's Food. Shopper's Food smells like poverty and failure (as my husband would say) when you walk through the doors, Safeway has a fighting chance. The problem with this Safeway is that it's employees are totally worthless. I'd say the manager seems OK but keeping employees like this around shows how poor the management really is. Every time I'm in there and it isn't often, I hear someone complain about how much they hate their job, like a give two shits. (still working on it)
Today while Owen was in school, River and I made our weekly shopping run. We went to Giant and got everything we could and then I ran into Safeway looking for one thing. Giant doesn't sell White Chocolate Hot Cocoa so I must go to Safeway if I want it. I have been out for two weeks so I took the plunge. When I walked in the door, there was a HUGE cart of green grapes for sale. They looked really good so I decided to get some. Only green grapes were on this cart and they were right under the sale sign so they're on sale, right? I also saw other fruits I wanted. I skipped the pineapples and the avocados because none of them were marked and as I can't read minds, I had no idea how much they were. I got some blackberries because someone had actually taken the time to put a price on them but I skipped the apples because it looked like they'd been used to beat someone to death. I walked by the end of an isle and saw cereal and thought about buying some but of course, no price, so I kept walking while asking myself why in hell I was here.
Once I gathered the one thing I'd come for and the two or three things they'd bothered to price, I got in line. The check out lady with the braids, who I always seem to get must have been having a shitty day because I could hear her bitching about her job, and I was third in line. She's the kind of employee that talks over your head to her co-workers while completely ignoring you. One of her partners in misery asked her if she worked on Saturday. "No, she replied." "Where are you going?" the other lady asked, "Anywhere but here." was her loud and tacky response. Ugghhh, I didn't pick your job for you. Quit if you hate it so much.
When I got up front, I had my cards ready. I always do. People who don't annoy me, like you didn't know you'd need your Safeway card and a form of payment. She rang up my things while talking to someone else, of course. When she rang it up, it was clear that nothing was ringing up at the sale price. The grapes alone were $3.99 a pound when the sign said something like $1.23 a pound. I inquired about this and she didn't hear me the first time and kept talking over my shoulder to someone else so I just stood there. She finally realize we weren't moving and asked, "How do you want to pay?"
"I'd like you to answer my question first." Now, I wasn't really rude but the question alone demands that you acknowledge my presence which can annoy some people and I knew this before I asked. I asked the question again and she went to check. I could tell she was annoyed but I couldn't possibly have cared less.
When she came back, she informed me that the sign was for red grapes, not black. It may have been my fault for missing the word red on a sign covering nothing but green grapes, but her attitude annoyed me and I told her to take the grapes off. The sigh I got when I told her that further annoyed me so I told her to take everything else off. The only thing I was paying for was what I couldn't get at Giant. "You don't want the rest of your fruit?" She asked.
"No, I can get that stuff at Giant."
So, I plan to never step foot in that shit hole again. The place is managed poorly, never stocked and nothing is marked. The employees are always on a smoke break, right in the front of the store chatting it up using all kinds of language. The front of the store looks more like a trailer park than a grocery store. I may curse like a sailor on my blog (I can do that. It's my choice) but I would never do it in front of someones kids.
The last straw was when I walked towards the automatic door and it didn't open. One door at that place is always broken. I was screaming inside and said to myself, out loud, "I will never come here again." Blind leading the blind.....

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