Thursday, May 6, 2010

Where For Art Thou?

As hurtful as it is to look at pictures and videos from my hometown and see all the places I've been, I snuck in that bar with my friends, we hung out in that park after school, I got drunk in that restaurant and threw up, it is much harder to pass the three day mark knowing that I still haven't heard from my sister or my nephews.

They live in Hickman County Tennessee and people just live differently there. They live in a trailer, which worries me every time I hear the word tornado, don't have a car, they have a phone but only sometimes. Since all of my contact with her is through a PO Box, I don't even know her physical address. I went there once last year but I guess I didn't write it down and just used my GPS, and it is no longer saved. How you can stay that out of touch with people I'll never know. My sister had email for a while but even that didn't last. I called the number she had last and a litany of other numbers that my mother and I have collected over the years. Only two of them were not disconnected but I couldn't get through to anyone on any of the numbers. It's very frustrating. I swear if she owned a car she'd probably drive it with her damn feet!

So, I did the last thing I would ever do when talking about my sister, I called the police. To say that my sister is not a friend of the law is an understatement. But I think it's stupid to not report someone missing after tornadoes and floods just because they've "allegedly" committed crimes. Calling the police was smart for two reasons, 1, they've arrested her so many times that they'll have her address and 2, they can go by her house and check on her. Now I know she'll be pissed and to be honest, I couldn't give two shits. Maybe next time a 500 year flood comes along, she'll get her ass to a telephone.

Annyhoo, I called them at 10 AM thins morning and I haven't heard anything. I'll wait until 10 AM tomorrow morning to call again. I know they must be busy because they were one of the first counties to be declared a disaster area. I know it's a mess and they are having a hard time notifying everyone. A lot of people live in the stix out there so it must be taxing to find these people.

So I wait......but I'm not sure how much longer I should wait. If 72 hours goes by and I've heard nothing of my sister, I'm going to have to drive to Tennessee to look for her. What other choice do I have? The water has already receded quite a bit and is just above flood stage in Nashville. I have seen no reports of looters because this just isn't New Orleans. I know there are bad people everywhere but country people help each other. That's just the way it is. I know people who have lost pretty much everything but are helping their neighbors save what they can. That's just how it is down there. I've heard about too many people dying already and I'm tired of it. A friend of my mother's from high school died with her husband while trying to go to church. A friend of my Step Mother's died with her husband while trying to get out and a guy that everyone seems to know is still missing after he was too drunk to drive and his designated driver (who got out) drove into an embankment. The photos and videos of streets caving in, trees falling, gigantic sink holes and trailers floating down the street where my sister lives is too much to take. How long do you watch those things and hear those things and just hope your sister is OK before you get off your ass and go make sure?

Both of the pictures above were taken near where my sister lives.

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