Saturday, May 29, 2010

Twilighted Out

I married a good man. I mean, I really married well. Not too many husbands would fly to Portland (in October) in the middle of a Twilight convention while their wife goes on a bus tour with the director. Not many husbands would rent a car and drive to a city where a book was based and where vampires are "known" to live. I even showed him the Twilight room we'd be staying in and he took it in stride. I owe him big and I know it. I haven't even mentioned the mushroom ravioli yet.

My husband turns 35 next month so while I'm busy planning my trip to this groovy place, I also have a Birthday to plan for him as well and I think I have a good idea. I plan for it to be top secret so he can be surprised because there just aren't enough surprises in life. While what I do this year can not possibly top what he's doing for me, I know when he turns 40, I will bust my ass to make it as special as possible. I also know I'll hear, "I drove to Forks for you! I put my head on a pillow with Robert Pattinson's face on it!" I have no idea what I'll do for him when he turns 40, but I'm up for anything and he deserves it. I heard talk of spending some time in London, which I'm all for so , win win!
Our trip is 5 months away but since I'm planning it myself and am finding new interesting things daily through the planning process, it's kind of on the front burner and my husband is going crazy. It's kinda of all I talk about and I know he's growing weary, which I understand. So, in an attempt to not drive him mad, I am going to try to curtail it. I'll still blog about it because I'd go crazy with excitement otherwise, but I'm making the effort to not drive him insane before we even get on the plane. Because once that plane takes off, he's screwed!

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