Monday, May 31, 2010

Strawberry Pickin'

We took the kids out to Larriland Farm this morning to pick strawberries. I don't think they're usually open on Memorial Day so we headed out knowing it would be pretty crowded. We got there at 9:20, before the midday heat could set in but it was still all kinds of hot. We lathered the kids in Coppertone, strapped River in the wagon and set out to conquer the illusive berry. Forty minutes later, River had a load in her pants, was as red as a beet, was crying like she lost her thumb and Owen had eaten his weight in strawberries, before we paid for them.

So, we left early. I was a little worried when River's blinks seemed to last too long. She almost looked a bit lethargic which lead me to believe that she was overheated. She had a hat on and I put her in very light, loose clothing but her cheeks were so red and her hair was wet from sweat. I wiped her down and patted some water on her head, but she just seemed miserable. We decided to just come home. I don't feel like we missed much because we got lots of strawberries and the raspberries need a couple more weeks. We don't really go for the berries, we go from the experience of picking them with the kids so I didn't really want to bring a ton back.

I liked that Owen brought his own basket. Perfect timing too because I had just washed it yesterday as it had been covered in Johnson & Johnson fallout.

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