Friday, May 7, 2010

Someone Special day

Today we went to Owen's school for Someone Special Day. I wasn't sure what to expect but it was nice to sit behind him and watch him in class. I thought when we walked in the door that he would jump up and run to us yelling, "Momma, Daddy, Momma, Daddy!" I was pleasantly surprised that he didn't do that. He stayed in his chair and paid attention to his teacher. He did turn around often to see what we were doing. I think he thought it was pretty groovy to have us there.

When we got there they were in circle time and singing songs and reading a book called "The Crayon Box That Talked." I'd never heard of it but Owen seemed pretty familiar with it and could answer the different questions that Mrs. Jean asked. I liked how everyone had a chair and had to wait their turn before answering a question. You can't just shout out an answer unless you're asked. I wasn't sure Owen was capable of containing himself but it was nice to see that he could. Then they worked on different and the same. Owen was able to pick out many things that were different until they showed him something that was the same and he recognized it immediately. They sang The Hokie Pokie which Owen is familiar with. Chris went to Virginia Tech so that's been a staple since he was in utero. They also sang The Wheels on the Bus, another Owen favorite and Owen sang the verse about the windows, all by himself!

Afterwards there was a matching craft where they matched the coloured circles and then glued them down to the contraction paper. He did very well. Chris and I were just shocked that he sat next to these huge containers filled with pretzels, goldfish and chips and he didn't try to sneak them. Snack time was pretty cool because they have little books in the back of their chairs and inside are little cards so they can give the card to whoever is passing out snacks and request what they want. Owen gave her a card with a picture of juice on it and he got juice. He watched me as he drank it and I know he was expecting me to stop him but I OK'd him having juice at school. I don't give it to him at home so unless we're at a party, he doesn't have juice.
He kept giving the snack lady cards and getting more chips and goldfish. That boy is a machine! My husband turned to me and asked, "Wait! Are they letting Owen ration his own snacks?" There was a limit to how much he could get. Allowing Owen to decide when he is done would be a HUGE mistake.

While they went to bathroom time Chris and I were able to look around the room and in the hallway and see his cubbie, which is just so damn cute! He hangs his backpack up and there a place for pullups and a change of clothes.

Chris left towards to end because he needed to get back to work. It was his bosses last day and there was a luncheon and he then had a meeting at two. After he left the teacher took Owen into the hallway and Owen brought back a special gift that he'd made for me for Mother's Day. It's the first gift he's ever made me so I'm really excited about it. It's a painted hat that he made from a paper bag. He chose the colours, finger painted it himself and then added the glitter. The teacher added the ribbon and the flowers and Owen was so proud to give it to me. It's the coolest hat ever! Or as Omar Little from the Wire would say, my crown.

My baby made me a crown! Oh, indeed.

Probably the funniest part of the day was as we were leaving and I walked Owen past the buses to get to the van and he freaked. He was severely pissed that he wouldn't be riding the bus home. I figured what they hell. I don't want him to get mad whenever he sees me at school. So, I just let him take it and then met him at the house before we went to pick up River from Karoline's who was nice enough to watch her. The we went to Bella Napolli's for lunch with Angie and the boys. All the kids were really good. I know mine hadn't had naps so I wasn't sure what to expect.

It was a good day.

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