Friday, May 7, 2010

River's 1st Ice Cream Cone!

Tonight we took River out for her first ice cream cone and it's a good thing we did it tonight because we discovered that Breuster's in Pasadena is closing as of Sunday. This news sucks and they're having a rally in support of the owners on Sunday but to be honest, I can't bring myself
to go to a rally for an ice cream place. We almost never go there and there is a reason for that. Chunky people just shouldn't be carrying signs saying "Please don't close my ice cream shoppe cause I'm not fat enough!" So, it's closing. My ass will be better for it.

Anyhoo, we took River for her ice cream and I couldn't tell if she loved it or hated it. At first she was OK with it but she started to freak out with each bite. I think maybe it was too cold for her but she still wanted it. She screamed when I took it away. Thank God I changed her from her white t-shirt to the gray Rolling Stones one because she was a strawberry ice cream droolin fool! Good call Momma!

Once I put her back in the van, she screamed all the way home. It may have been that she had to watch Owen lick his while it dripped all over his shirt and car seat. That's enough to piss anybody off. When we got back to the house we put out a blanket for me and River while Owen and Chris threw the ball for Veruca. It was like a Rockwell painting until I asked Owen if he was pooping and he said "Yes." Then I asked, "Do you want to go to the potty?" "No!" I could tell it was a weird kinda poop and so we started to go in, sensing trouble. He was tugging at his pants and adjusting. It was right before I walked in the door that I realized he'd stepped into the dog's poop so I made him take of his fake Crocs and washed his feet in the bathroom sink but the smell wouldn't go away. After I slammed his hand in the bathroom door I brought him to our bed to love on him. It was then that I remembered and smelled his vile poop.

He'd pooped through his pants and it smelled more like horse pee than normal pee and poop. Not sure why his diapers have been so bad lately. Nothing has changed except Pampers is making a new kind of diaper but I can't see how that would bother Owen.

So, on this Mother's Day weekend, I'm mother of the year again for slamming my son's hand in the door and letting him sit in a steaming pile. Good times.

Something I learned today, don't mess with the ISO on your camera unless you're going to adjust it the next time you use it. I had it up on 1600 and forgot to re-adjust before I took these pictures so that's why they suck. I was so pissed when I started uploading. I could tell immediately what I'd done. So poor River gets to look at her grainy self having her first ice cream for the rest of her life .

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