Sunday, May 16, 2010


I know I've already discussed the crappy job that people do when parking their cars but short of having a heart attack or slipping into a diabetic coma while pulling into this spot, I can't think of any other reason to leave your car like this.
I guess it's possible that this person wasn't a complete asshole but I doubt it. If you're too old or feeble to park your car better than this, than you should not be anywhere near other cars. The thought that you drive this car on a street gives me the shudders.
I know a few things about the person who drives this car. First, you're a smoker. This was obvious by the almost new Marlboro lights hard pack you had resting open against the gear shift. Second, you're a slob. This was clear by the crap you have strewed across your car. Maybe you live in your car, I don't know but I'm pretty sure I saw undies on the floorboard. Thirdly and I' trying to be kind, you're an asshole. The fact that I had to be part contortionist to get my daughter safely back into her car seat after an uneventful trip to Michael's was annoying. What I really wanted to do was put an imprint of my shoe in both your side panel and your ass.
So, I do not apologize for the note I left on your car. If it makes you blush and take in a deep breath as you read my feelings on your parking job, lack of concern for others and general assholiness, well that was it's intent. Maybe you'll remember my words the next time you park that piece of shit near other cars. You aren't the only person who needs to get somewhere. If that's the best parking job you can do, take the bus.

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