Monday, May 17, 2010

Rainy Days And Mondays...............

Yesterday my husband busted his ass both cleaning and staining the deck. It wasn't to much to change or update the colour as it was to protect the wood before if started snapping off under our feet. He spent the whole weekend on this project and from the looks of it (as I sat inside with the kids) it looked like a miserable job.

He ruined a pair of sweatpants and a pretty cool VT shirt that he didn't really wear but it was for the cause. It rained this morning so we were kinda worried it would mess it up but it looks fine. The water is beading off, as it should. While I'm glad the deck survived the rain, it wasn't my top priority today. I was supposed to go to a playgroup with River after I put Owen on the bus but she woke up with the same cocoon of snot that she's been wrapped in for the last four days so we stayed in. Her mood was pissy and she was totally unpleasable. I'm not even sure that's a word but I just don't care. It was Monday. It was raining, I had a sick kid and a headache. Need I say more?

I did what I could to entertain her until lunchtime when she inhaled her food and then yelled for more, which I know is a good sign but she's so demanding. Her scream for more food is ear piercing. It's the only time she screams so I know just what she wants. Puffs, Cheerios, Goldfish, whatever she can gets her hands on.
I put her down for her nap after Owen had gotten off the bus and they both finished their lunch. Shockingly, she went down pretty easily with her music so that pleased me. I needed some time to let my headache subside. Owen did not take a nap but he was nice enough to play in his room until his grandmother showed up. She stopped by on her way home from Syracuse. We ordered dinner from Giuseppe's, cause that's where we always go and then she hit the road. Now, this is why my family rocks. As my MIL was getting into her car, I noticed the radio that my husband keeps in the shed. It was sitting in the sunroom because he had just used it while working on the deck. I was just about to gripe at him for not putting it away when I realized there was a casingle in the tape deck. Yeah, this puppy is old. It was Digital Underground's Humpty Dance. Ahhh, a crowd pleaser.

I did what any self respecting girl who was 19 years old when that song came out, I pushed play and cranked it up while thinking to myself, "Casingle, really?" The whole family danced to the song in the sunroom as my MIL pulled out and headed to Virginia. I love how Owen bobs his head. That kid was made for hip hop!
After we shook what our Mamma's gave us, I discovered Luscious Jackson in the CD player. I haven't thought about them in years but they were a really good band. Shame they aren't still together cause they rocked it. I found both songs on You Tube for my listening pleasure.
"My name is Humpty, pronounced with a Umpty."
It took me a while to find version where they don't beep out Burger King. Censorship is so tired.

Luscious Jackson, Nervous Breakthrough
Whatever happened to LJ? I found this video from Veronica Mars, which I loved but I don't remember this song being played, but that had a lot of good music on that show so I see how I could have missed it.

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