Saturday, May 8, 2010

Pre Mother's Day Day!

Around these parts we like to spread out our holidays and when I say "we," I mean me. There is no such thing as Mother's Day. We are deep into Mother's Day Weekend. It's really a trifecta of days about me. I decided a few things a while back that I wanted and put them on the Amazon Wishlist. I haven't checked back to see if my husband remembered because it's been a tough week so if I get things late, I'm fine with that. I could have bought them today when we were at the mall but everything is more expensive at Border's. So I'd rather wait, plus free shipping so, BONUS!

Anyhoo, we went to the mall where Chris bought me some bracelets I wanted and then an Edward doll from Border's to replace the one that disappeared into thin air during my bender. After that Owen and I went to see our friend Alexa in her very first dance recital which was just ridiculously cute. I always thought Alexa was beautiful but you get a sense of how pretty she really is when she stands next to kids who, well, I'll say it, they just aren't as cute as she is and that's being kind. All kids are sweet but the thought that all children are beautiful is a misconception. However, cute or not, I could have taken pictures of those kids in their tutus all day long. Something about a tutu covering a pair of tights and ballet or tap shoes is the height of cuteness. It always reminds me of my favorite photograph of Marilyn Monroe, which I posted above. If I could photograph only one thing for the rest of my life (besides my children) I would photograph female ballet dancers. I just think they're beautiful. The first picture of Alexa is my favorite cause I think I can see her sweet spirit.
Owen, who will henceforth be referred to as my little angel, decided that he wanted to take a vile poop right after we sat in our seats. I asked him right when we got there and right before we sat down, "Did you poop? Do you need to poop?" "No Momma." Lied right to my face both times. So, since we were front and center I had to wait because if I told him we were leaving to change his pull up, he would have thrown himself on the ground and started screaming. I changed him immediately after the show and then took him for a snack. They had sugar cookies so he was set. We took a few pictures, My little angel gave Alexa the little red roses he got for her, gave her a big wet kiss and we were off.
Chris played with him in the back yard on his little John Deere tractor until River woke up and then we went to a Mother's Day dinner at Giuseppe's in Pasadena. I learned a few things from my years as a restaurant manager. One, A potty mouth is the only way you 'll get the guys in the kitchen to listen to you and two, I would rather press a hot iron to my face than eat out on Mother's Day. Everyone is out in their Sunday best and it's just too much.
I'm not big on Italian food because I think the worst thing in the world is a cooked tomato and pasta is just a filler (my Italian husband loves this) but this place is pretty good. My little angel was kind of an ass but as this point we started to think that maybe he wasn't feeling 100%, which would totally make sense cause my kids only get sick on Friday or Saturday. They like to make us squirm until the Pediatrician opens again on Monday. He was so bad that Chris had to take him outside. I had to remind him that it was Mother's Day weekend and not Owen's Day weekend, but he didn't care. After we ate, we went to Home Depot to buy some herbs and tomato plants for the garden. Every Mother's Day I put in a garden and make sure I get some herbs started. I use herbs like a mad woman all summer long. There is no better salad than a salad that is covered in fresh cilantro, dill, scallions and cinnamon basil. Tres yummy. Also, since I'd be kidding myself if I said I had enough time to grow a sprawling garden, we've decided to be realistic and just plant tomatoes this year. We know we'll use those.
Our last stop was Babies R Us for more Pullups for My little angel. I've decided to leave the diapers behind and just do Pullups in an attempt to push him towards potty training. His teacher sends him home in Pullup with a underwear on top and he's almost always dry. So, we're trying. Tonight while at BRuS, My little angel started pulling at his Pullup and I could tell that he'd gone. I asked him and he looked right at me and lied...again. I checked anyway and saw a wet mess that I needed to handle. He cried all the way to the Mommy's room and when I took off his pullup and lifted his legs, it rolled all the way up his back, soaking his shirt. His screams got louder cause I'm sure it was hot and painful and I had to take his shirt off. I cleaned him up, changed him and then let him cry on the floor while I cleaned and sanitized the changing table. I'd want someone to do that for me. While I was doing it I couldn't help but think of the first time My little angel had done something like this. When he was a newborn, I took him to BRuS in Catonsville and he painted the wall in the Mommy's room with liquid hot poop. It was vile and I remember it well because it was the ONLY time I ever left his wipes in the car thinking I'd only be a few minutes. I have never done that since. That's a lesson you only have to learn once.
The BRuS incident today wouldn't have been so bad but My little angel has a thing about having his shirt off. I had no choice as it was soaked in poop so I whisked him through the store while he was screaming like I was stealing him. The lady up front asked if he was OK. I think she thought he'd hurt himself. I just nodded and kept going while Chris paid for our things. I could have stopped and then waited in line to buy a shirt but I thought getting him out of there was a top priority.
My little angel cried all the way home where Chris put a Star Wars t-shirt on him and then he was so upset that he laid on the couch with Chris and fell asleep. My kids don't do that so it's a true sign that he was very upset and not feeling well.
Ahhhhh, at least I might get to sleep late tomorrow. Mother's Day breakfast, grits with cheese. You can take the girl out of the south....
Yes, I know where the Mason Dixon is but if you've ever lived bellow Virginia you wouldn't think this was a southern state either.


  1. Thanks for spending your mother's day with us!!! I had no idea. : ) Totally forgot about him pooping at the I LOVE the pic with him kissing Alexa after he gave her the flowers. Another perfect shot. She wanted to carry her flowers around all day but I did convince her to put them in some water so she could see their beauty tomorrow too. : ) Thanks again, Michelle! You rock!!


  2. Oh, Lord! Those kids in line with Alexa are definitely "not as cute as she is." I never noticed because I was only looking at Alexa. It looks as though their mothers put makeup on them... badly. Poor girls.