Sunday, May 2, 2010

Nashville Is Usually ON The Cumberland River. Today It's In It.

A penis, seriously?

44 Ft above flood stage


By Walmart where Harding Mall used to be

St. Thomas ~ Where I was born

I- 24

Unless you're from Nashville or have spent a lot of time there, these pictures will do nothing for you but I was born there and that's where I grew up so to me they are just staggering. They had a forecast for rain. Can you imagine hearing it's going to rain and then 12 hours later your house is floating down the street? The thought of people dying on I-24 is surreal but that's what happened today as water crested just over 50 Ft. above normal and well over 10 Ft above flood stage. Down town Nashville is covered in water. People are stranded in their homes and the weatherman is accidentally drawing a penis on his screen while the world is watching. Only in Nashville.

My father, my sister, my nephews and many friends live in Nashville and the surrounding areas and I worry for them. Daddy is out of town but has no idea what he'll come home to. I can't even get in touch with my sister and wouldn't even know where to begin to find my nephews. Most friends are found on Facebook, thank God, but I'd feel a lot better if I could talk to my sister. She's got one of those tornado specials so I'd like to know she's safe. I called all three shelters in her county and got put on a list so if she comes in, they'll call me.

So, I wait. Hopefully my sister will think to call someone if she can but that isn't her specialty. She's the flighty one.

In the mean time I look at pictures my friends are posting of sunken cars, school buses, floating trailers, cows on a small patch of land, water logged Hardees and a Super Walmart in many feet of water. The Water Front in down town is heartbreaking. It was so nice there and I can't imagine what it looks like when the vile water of The Cumberland recedes. 50 Ft. above average is an awful lot and I worry about what it's going to do to the cemeteries. I will start calling the place where my Grandparents are buried in the morning. I called tonight but it just rang busy which didn't give me a warm and fuzzy. If I remember correctly, they're enough on a hill so they're safe but I just want to make sure.

We'll see. I'll handle it but I wish the best for my people in Nashville who will be suffering for some time.

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