Thursday, May 13, 2010

Look Out Forks, Here I come!

I made the reservations for our hotel in Forks today. We'll be staying at The Pacific Inn Motel and this is a picture of our room above. My husband is going to crap himself when he seems the picture but it seems to be the best hotel in town. I think there are only four as the town has one street light and may be 4 blocks long, but I'm so excited, I could wet myself. The Miller Tree Inn was also top on my list but it's a B&B and it seems small and I will still make sure I see it. The lady who owns the place hears an apron that says, "I work for the Cullens" and she leaves notes out from from Esme. It's kinda neat, but it's towards the outside of town and I like the idea of being in the middle so I can walk around. Also, free WiFi! The lady I spoke to at the Inn was very nice and helpful and seemed to get a kick out of my accent.

It's probably the only time in my life that someone will asks me, "Team Edward or Team Jacob?" when I am booking a room. She laughed a bit when I giggled but seriously, it's weird, right? That's OK. I'm good with weird.

I considered staying at the Miller Tree Inn but decided against it. As my husband said, "We don't do quaint." Also, they don't seem to have TVs in the rooms so, no thanks. I like to see whats going on in the world as I fall asleep. I'm sure I'll still go by and take pictures though.

I'm tres excited!!!!

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