Sunday, May 2, 2010

It's Not a Party Til You're Coated in Cheetos Dust!

Nobody looks forward to a Birthday party more than my son. I told him when he got up this morning that we were going to a Birthday party. I said, "Guess whose birthday it is?" He answered, "It's Owen's Birthday party." I should have known right then what I was in for.
We loaded up the car and grabbed the tutus we bought for Cora and hit the road. The party was at a park in Columbia and to be honest, I thought it would get rained out because I'd heard the day before that we were supposed to get a lot of rain. However, the joke was on me because not only did it not rain, it was hot as hell. I mean Africa hot. I tired to lather my kids in sunscreen and ply them with as much water as possible which Owen seemed to love, between juice boxes that is. I don't give him juice or a lot of crap at home so when he's at a party he acts like he just got out of prison and eats Cheerios, chips, and whatever else he can get his hands on because I relax a bit.
When it was time for the cake, Owen pulled his basic routine. He got right next to Stephanie and followed the cake wherever it went. As soon as she put it on the table, he sat right in front of it, which was were Cora, the birthday girl is supposed to stand. He was eventually moved and stood behind Stephanie while we sang Happy Birthday to Cora. My favorite shot of the day is Stephanie holding Cora up on the bench with one hand while her other arm is across Owen's chest making him stay back. Priceless. I would have come across the table and gotten him myself but that would have just caused a scene. It worked out best this way and as soon as he got a cupcake cone in his hot little hands, he was all smiles. I don't really understand his fascination with cakes. He doesn't get any unless it's a party but isn't that true for most kids? I don't think the answer is to give him cake more often, right?
Here's a wrap up:
I liked that when we first got there, Owen danced around with Cora and it was good to see Lisa D and her family. Her little one is getting crazy big. Cora skinned her knee but took it like a rockstar. Alexa got a cat painted on the side of her face when she really wanted whiskers, but she dealt. I was just shocked that she didn't get that pretty dress dirty when chasing the bubbles. Stephanie got her long brown hair cut off and donated it. I think she looks better than she's ever looked. River seemed to love hanging out with Shakey Feet, which is always nice cause they're a sweet family. Lisa and the boys were there and they really are very cute. I took a picture of Brady today where his eyes look like chocolate cream. Belle fell off the cake while we were singing. I think she was secretly pissed that she was shoved to the back like she meant nothing. That chick from Mulan was up front and no one even knows who the hell that was. I think she jumped. I'm just sayin. I get putting Cinderella front and center, but behind Pocahontas? Screw you!
Also, my kid is the Michael Jordan of the playground. Total ball hog.

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  1. Michelle- you rock. I laughed so hard at this blog. In fact I may just copy this to my blog so others can read it and enjoy your humor. Stay tuned, I'll be blogging tomorrow:-)

    Was great seeing you guys today!