Sunday, May 30, 2010

"It Snowed, Daddy!"

Every day I put Owen down for a nap. He doesn't always sleep but we all benefit from the time he's in there relaxing and rejuvenating. I prefer him to nap, but I take what I can get.

Today he was in his room and I could hear him most of the time he was in there. He'd be quiet for a while and just when I thought he had fallen asleep I'd hear him giggle or talking to Joe Dimaggio, which is almost constant these days. When I finally decided to go and get him, I opened the door, took one step in and stopped. I said, "Oh, I'll be right back." I quickly backed from the room and went and got my husband, and my camera.

I didn't tell my husband what he had done, and instead let him see as I opened the door, camera ready. We stepped in and were both amazed at the amount of Johnson & Johnson powder he's managed to spread across his room. The container said, "Soothing Lavender," but I can tell you right now, that's bullshit because it did nothing for me. Of course he looked up and made us laugh with three simple words, "It snowed Daddy!"

After I washed about 50+ cars and every other toy he had in his room it started to look better. We threw all the bedding in the washer and Chris vacuumed like crazy. I was a little annoyed when Owen had the balls to walk into the kitchen in the middle of it all and ask me what was for dinner. The nerve! I hit him across the head with Sponge Bob for that one. On a lighter note, his room has never smelled so baby fresh.

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