Saturday, May 1, 2010

It Ain't A Party Til I Try To Put My Pants On Your Head!

Last night was so much fun! It was probably ever more fun than I remember since I don't remember all of it. I was by far the drunkest one of the night but in my defense, I warned everyone. Also, as the night progressed, Laura totally caught up with me and I remember almost wetting myself when she fell into the bar and hit the back of her head.
The night started out innocent enough with a baby shower for Karoline at my house. The plan was to have the shower and then walk up to The Beagle. Somewhere between waiting on Karoline to get here and switching my iPod over to my hip hop playlist, it gets a little fuzzy. I know I was well toasted when Karoline walked in because I remember stumbling around Michelle while we were both taking pictures of Karoline. I never drink. The last time I did, which was before I had kids, I was so hammered that I licked the hood of someones car. I don't remember it. I just heard about it. So since I rarely drink, it takes very little to send me into the coo coo valley. I'm not sure what I was thinking when I drank 12 drinks last night. My brother said it looked like I'd been drinking blood. Well, I obviously wasn't doing much thinking and I have many pictures that my friends were so kind to take. I don't even know how the Edward doll came into play but whatever.
Since the theme of the baby shower was of the hippy persuasion, I played Bob Dylan's "The Times they are a changing." when Karoline got there but at every one's insistence I switched to hip hop pretty soon there after. I must say, that playlist totally rocks. Lots of old school stuff with some JayZ and Biggie mixed in. If Bust a Move, The Humpty Dance, It Takes Two and Shoop can't put you in a good mood, I feel bad for you because that's some good music.
I don't remember much about leaving the house or the trip to the bar. Although I've heard quite a bit about the struggles to put my shirt on. I think it's hilarious that I tried so hard to put my shirt on only to realize that they were pants. Also, nice to know that all my friends were there to witness this, but what can you do? It certainly isn't the worst thing I've ever done. I'm sure there was a cover at the bar so I owe somebody. Thankfully I didn't drink when I was there but Laura and I danced like fools. No one wanted to get close to us. I think Laura fell at least twice and while I tried to help her up, it was hard through my spitting laughter. I remember almost nothing about the band. I couldn't pick any member out of a line up. The only thing I retained was the fact that the guy on the left was wearing a black TEAM EDWARD shirt, which made me laugh. They must have been OK because I remember singing to the songs. Besides, if they'd sucked, I probably would have been verbal about it. Loudly verbal cause that's how I roll when I've had 12 drinks.
After what was a great time at the bar, we came back to the house and things started to get a little clearer since I hadn't been drinking since we'd left earlier. I remember being in my room changing and my husband comes running in, "I think Laura is trying to drive home." So, sans pants, I go running out of my house and over to the car they were in. I thought Chris was talking about hit her head on the bar Laura and he was talking about the other one, who was OK to drive but I just wanted to make sure. This morning I asked Chris why he let me run out of the house w/o my pants on and he said, "I tried to stop you. You wouldn't so I just turned the porch light out. I thought about turning it back on when you were coming back up the stairs holding you shirt down, but I didn't." Nice.
Anyhoo, I had a really good time and I hope everyone else did as well. I tackled Hit her head on the bar Laura at some point and got Malibu all over my couch but Chris was nice enough to wash the cover. I also lost an earring which sucks but it was cheap and easily replaced. The house fared pretty well. No new stains on the carpet and there is lots of food left over to eat. We also didn't drink all the Chai tea I made so that's a bonus. I never tasted Michelle's cake which sucked but it looked really cool. I think most of the girls left at least one thing here so I'll be seeing most of them soon. I'm sure Kelly would like her Crock Pot back and I have no use for this Twisted Tea.
I had so much fun and can't wait to do it again. I really think our next baby shower is going to pale unless it involved liquor. Let me go on record. If I were to have another kid, this is the baby shower I would want. Good times.

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  1. I'm glad you had such a great time! Hilarious:) I hope you are recovering quickly.