Thursday, May 13, 2010

Inner Elvis

Yesterday while Owen was at school River and I went to our weekly playgroup. Cora has a million princess dress up toys and while I'm sure this isn't actually a microphone, River made it her own. She babbled and sang into that thing for 30 minutes. She totally looks like a rockstar!

Also, while we were there, I got a call from the nurse at my son's school. Apparently Cadence who is a little girl in his class accidentally scratched him on the neck while they were in the gym playing with balloons. Cadence is blind so she obviously didn't do it on purpose. They just wanted to let me know. I'm assuming he may have cried and maybe it hurt a little so that's why they let me know. When he got home, I couldn't find a mark on him. Odd, but I do appreciate the call. I like that they're paying attention. I'm sure that school won't always be like that.

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