Sunday, May 30, 2010

I. Love. Nikon.

When I was in college, I was strictly a Minolta girl. I used only their products and they did good for me. I won a few awards with my Minolta set up, that I still have but the times have changed and in moving on, I need new things.
I've been on the hunt for a camera bag for my camera and accessories. I've outgrown the smaller bag I have and needed something bigger to accommodate the lenses and things I've purchased. I wanted something easy that I could throw over my shoulder and if I was going out with the kids, I could shove a couple a diapers, wipes and even a bottled water down into and hit the road. I think I found it.
I was originally looking at the Lowepro ones because a friend had one and they looked really nice, but when I went to Best Buy today to look at them, it just seemed too small. This may be a selling point for others but my lifestyle doesn't accommodate anything slimline. I looked at a Cannon bag they had and I liked it a lot better. There was much more room and I would have gone with that one except for the fact that I'm not a fan of Cannon and I didn't want their logo emblazoned on my back but it got me to thinking that if Cannon had a great bag, maybe Nikon did too so I planned to come home and scan the net in search of a groovy Nikon bag. It didn't take long to find.
Within minutes I found what looked like the perfect bag! I found it through Amazon but didn't buy it there because I found it much cheaper somewhere else. I just refused to pay over $30 for shipping and "handeling." The cannon bag was $110 and I found my Nikon bag for $59! I was so proud of myself for holding out. I need my purchases to be multifaceted or it won't get used for long. That's why I like that this bag is a laptop/Camera bag. It has a section in the back for LT, not that I'll be using it for that. I just like having a place to keep other things.
While this isn't technically "Twilight trip" related. I needed a bag for the trip and a new tripod as well. The bag has straps on the sides to accommodate a tripod so that helps. I know that if I am going to haul my camera equipment 3,000 miles, it's getting wrapped up like a piece of gold bullion. So, yay me! One step closer to the thousands of photographs I will take on my vacation with vampires. I know I said this wasn't technically Twilight related but that was technically a lie.

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