Saturday, May 29, 2010

Rest in Peace Little Robbin Redbreast

I moved from Tennessee for several reasons, one of those reasons was the god awful humidity. I hate when it's so hot that it makes you feel wet. Ugghh, the sweat on the back of your knees, the wet hair sticking to the nape of your neck and the way your glasses keep sliding down your nose like they're making a run for it. While today wasn't Africa hot, it was hot but the humidity made it just feel gross. The only thing good about humidity is how it makes Owen's beautiful hair curl up on the ends, creating spirals that make me question why I get so much crap to cut his hair off. While at some point I know he'll need his first haircut, I can't imagine losing all those sweet curls and am OK to wait it out. He's been three for 3 months, he's got time.

Our friends are driving up with their 5ish month old today from Virginia. They aren't just friends. Chris and BT went to Virginia Tech together and are Fraternity brothers. BT was Chris's best mad at our wedding and he is River's Godfather. Karen also went to school at Virginia Tech so they've known each other for years, much longer than I've known any of them. We don't get to see them enough but it's always nice when we do and Owen gets really excited about it. We're grilling out and doing basic Memorial day stuff.

This morning we had some time so we took the kids to the park and as usual, I took a million pictures. Owen saw a big black snake in the grass which I thought was just, yuck, but I took a picture anyway knowing he'd like to see it later, and he did. There's a big playground over looking the water so we let the kids play for a bit. Owen insisted on pushing RIver in the swing, which was sweet but destined for a mishap. A few minutes after I took the picture above, he forgot what he was doing and looked away with his hands down and she came back and knocked him right in the face. It was bound to happen. She hit him to hard that it stunned us for a second. He went flying back and wasn't sure if he should cry or not, he worked it out and cried, but just a little. It was kinda funny the way it happened but I'm glad he wasn't hurt. Also, for the record, I tried to tell him that would happen. He never listens. Three year olds think they know everything.

We loaded up the van and started towards home because I needed to get River down for a nap before Karen and BT got here. On the way home, while I was thankfully paying attention, a bird committed suicide on the front of our van. That thing came out of nowhere and scared the shit out of me! Thankfully I didn't swerve to miss it and I didn't see anything on the front of the van when we stopped but somebody won't be going back to the nest tonight. I hope that wasn't someones mother. Rest in peace little Robbin Redbreast, rest in peace.

Also, it should be noted that while 99.9% of the photos on this blog, that aren't Twilight related are taken by me, but my husband took the last one above of Owen. Cool picture. I didn't know he had it in him. It's all about the angle.

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