Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Give Me A Cookie!

When will this insanity that is potty training end? My son is just not getting it. He has learned to say "I need to go potty" because he knows if he sits on the potty, he'll get a cookie. I had to tell him he would get a cookie if he sat down because for months when we said, "Sit on the potty," he'd go running down the hall screaming. I'm afraid if I stop giving him the cookie for sitting and only give it to him if he pees or poops that I won't get him to sit anymore and we go even father backwards. He has peed a few drops this week but nothing more.
Last night after my husband had taken River out of the tub, I looked over at Owen as he was peeing in the tub. He smiled when he was finished, looked straight at me and screamed, "Give me a cookie!" Seriously? He thinks he gets a cookie for pissing in my tub? What does he think he gets if he drops a deuce in there, a whole pie?
I hope it's easier for River. What are the chances?

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