Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Girlie Girl Mondays

I make a point on Mondays to do special stuff with just River. Owen is at school so I dress her up and take her out on the town. At this age, a trip to the mall is exciting for her because everyone always wants to talk to her and tell her how cute she is, which she loves. Usually I dress her up in a frilly pink or light blue tutu with matching hair bows. This week I decided to do something a little bit different.

We still did our weekly mall run. It was a wet day so the park was out as she's a crawler but she loves looking around the mall and talking to people. I just bought her a black Edward Cullen t-shirt last week for $3. Actually I got her a few and even a couple for Owen. I pinned it behind her back with a large, black, cloth flower and put a black hairbow in her hair to hold her bangs back. She looked beautiful, but she always does.

What I learned was that if you put your baby in a pink tutu, grandmas are all over her but if you put your baby in a Twilight t-shirt, little girls treat her like she's Cullen. It was pretty funny to see the reactions of girls in the mall when they saw River's shirt. Next time I'm going to throw a tiny little pair of black leather pants on her and see if I can get those girls to ask for her autograph. So funny! Wait, DO they make black leather pants for a 15 month old? Hummmmm...

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