Monday, May 3, 2010

Girlie Girl Mondays

I try to make Mondays a day for River. As soon as I put Owen on the bus, I get her dressed in the girliest thing that is clean and we hit the road. Today we needed to run by Karen's house because someone left a Birthday gift at our house for Cooper. Then we headed to the mall cause that's what girls do, right? I needed to replace my favorite black heart earrings since I'd lost one on Friday in my drunken stupor. They were cheap so it was painless.

The problem with putting your kid in a big fluffy tutu is that you can't get through the mall without everyone making a comment cause she really does look cute. It's usually her hair that stops the traffic because everyone wants to look at it. I'm used to seeing and brushing it every day so I don't really notice it but she does have a lot of hair for a 15 month old.

I think she enjoys the Momma and Me time. Probably the best thing is that we usually only go into girl stores or do girl things for the most part. Although I remembered that I hadn't gotten Cooper his Birthday gift yet so we went into the Disney Store which she knows nothing about. The Disney lady was showing her a Minnie Mouse doll and trying to talk up Disney and River looked at that thing like it was just a big rat. She had no idea what it was. We aren't a big Disney family and while we have a lot of the movies, we rarely watch them. I just don't sit around and watch TV with the kids. When we're together, I try to get on the floor and hang out with them if I can. Besides, I think Disney is a bit cultish. I've never been all that into it. I did go to Disney World in Florida and I had an OK time. It just wasn't my scene. The kids would probably like it but not for years.

Anyway, Girlie Girl Mondays, I bought River a cute tank that was on sale at Gap Kids and some hair things from Hot Topic. Red and black bows are so hard to find but they're all over the place at Hot Topic. I also bought her that groovy hair clip she's wearing with her tutu. They were on sale so I got one half off and they were already cheap.

I can't wait for her to be a little older when Girlie Girl Mondays will invlove her girlfriends coming over and then listening to horrible music while they eat Dominos pizza I ordered and talk about boys. Tu tus are optional but do girls still play "light as a feather, stiff as a borad?"

Also, in the second picture I posted, River is dancing. So friggen groovy, that one.

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