Friday, May 21, 2010

Field Day!

Today at Owen's school he had his Field Day. I remember Field Day from when I was a little kid. I didn't do it this young but I did it. I don't remember really liking it. I mean I didn't hate it but for some reason it was always Africa hot (just like today) and there was never any shade. My pale Irish skin couldn't deal, thanks momma.

The last Field Day I can remember must have been 5th or 6th grade and I remember just being miserable. Now keep in mind as I tell this story that I'm from the bible belt and when I graduated form high school, we weren't even allowed to wear shorts, which is completely asinine. Add the fact that I wore a lot of black and summer was basically announced each year when I passed out. "Summer is here, Michelle's on the floor again in her black turtle neck and long black skirt!" It was a statement, what can I say? So the last Field Day I can remember was miserable because, again, it was Africa hot and this was when Gloria Vanderbilt jeans and white leather Nike's were what you wore. I think I talked my father into buying me the Nikes, which I threw away later in the year, but that's a whole other post. The jeans were the darkest variety and my shirt was right out of 1979 central casting. I remember this shirt well because I wore it when I went skating on the weekends. The sleeve was basically a square and one corner of that square was sewn to the top so the rest of it flowed in the breeze as I skated along. Oh God, I just laughed out loud.

Anyhoo, it was a maroon coloured shirt with some sort of small flower print. Field Day was always outside of course and I remember spending most of the day asking to go to the bathroom so I could cool off a bit in a school I was bussed across town to go to, which didn't even have AC! We were bused to this shitty neighborhood so the kids that lived in the shitty neighborhood could get bused to the neighborhood my mother busted her ass to get us into and go to my damn school. But I'm not bitter. Anyway, that is my memory of Field Day. Hot as hell and in the arm pit of all schools. I hear it's been torn down now. Proobably a good idea. I think they probably built a crack house in its place.

Today was different. River and I got there early and at 10:30 all of the doors opened and they had a parade of students. All of the kids lined up and marched through the halls to the front of the school where the said the Pledge of Allegiance and sang the Star Spangled Banner before the principal called the games open. It was nice. Then Owen's class went to different stations. First he fished in a little pond, then the did the squirt water on the pinwheel thing, bubbles, water balloons (his favorite) sidewalk chalk, playground and a big parachute, which I liked best. They even had a station with lots of water and large sponges which they used to soak each other. I followed Owen around while trying to stay out of his way. I wanted him to have fun with his friends, especially since his school year is almost over and he might not see them again, but I took a couple hundred pictures to document the event.

After the kids marched back inside, they sat down for their snack and River and I went home. There was only 5 minutes left in the day but Owen freaks if he thinks I'm trying to take him home. He wants to ride the bus so I just let him. I stopped and picked him up some McDonald's on the way as a treat.

As if the day weren't good enough already, he bounced off the school bus with a ribbon in his hand and he was so proud of it. The first picture says it all. He held it up himself for the picture with little prodding. That never happens.

Only my kid could change my memories of Field Day. I mean my memory still includes Africa but now it includes smiles and laughing. My kids rocks!

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  1. Your son is so adorable. He sure had lots of fun during his field day. It's very helpful for the kids to be exposed in outdoor activities. It gives them the chance to socialize with others and the environment around them.