Wednesday, May 26, 2010

AAA Stands For Absolutely Asininely (NOT) Affordable

I don't remember how much we pay yearly for AAA Plus but it's too much. I did most of the work myself for this trip we're taking. I found good hotels in Portland and Forks, I found our flights and I've looked into a hotel in Seattle and a rental car. When I go into AAA, looking for a Trip Tic so we'll have it in the car should something happen to our GPS, it's like I'm talking to someone who thinks I'm an idiot.

I was the first one there this morning because I needed to get to our Wednesday playgroup and wanted to get this out of the way first. I thought since I was there getting the Trip Tic, I'd ask them about rental cars and a hotel room in Seattle. She seemed kinda pushy about my hotel rooms so I figured I'd bite and see why. I told her I needed a hotel room in Seattle, which is true but I also told her I was looking for a hotel in Forks. Now Forks is like 4 blocks long and has one stop light. I could list the hotels right now without even looking because there aren't many. She just happens to pull up the hotel where I already booked our room. I know it's $99 a night but I'm interested to hear what she will tell me. "That room is $149 a night Michelle." WTF? Why does AAA add $50 to my room while telling me they're here to help me? I felt like I should bend over to make it easier on them. I decided then and there that I would buy nothing from them and do it all on my own since they were trying to shove it up my ass, but for shits and giggles I asked about rental cars knowing I've already checked on that as well and know what they run, which is approximately $44.00 a day or less. "We deal primarily with Hertz and I can get you the daily rate of $76.00." At this point I tell her that I have been planning this trip myself and know what things cost and I ask her, "Why are the prices you're giving me so much more than what I've been able to find myself?" "I don't know Michelle, these are just the prices I'm getting." OK, well, just the Trip Tic please. No need to pay you when I can do it myself and save money. I'm so glad we have AAA." I guess I'd appreciate AAA if I broke down on I-95 with my babies but if I don't have kids I wouldn't pay the money. I've pushed my own cars through many intersections and lived to tell about it.

Also, stop calling me Michelle, you don't know me and it only annoys me more.

My trip is coming together nicely, just like the planning of my wedding. Everything went great until I asked someone else for help. Better to just do it alone. I can count on me. I'm the only one who won't screw it up.

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  1. Hello Michelle!
    I am from AAA National Member Relations. I apologize for negative experience you had with one of our travel counselor. We do try to get the best savings for our members and obviously this agent did not meet that goal. If you would allow me the opportunity to lodge a formal concern with the AAA Club, I would very much appreciate the chance to restore your faith and trust in AAA. If you could please provide me with your membership number, and the branch location, I will look into this right away. Thank you!
    Justin S.
    Please email to: