Thursday, April 29, 2010

"You're Such a Great Mom!"

While Owen was at school this morning River and I went on a couple of errands. We bought gifts for a Birthday party this weekend and then off to Giant for the ingredients for my yummy spinach & artichoke dip that I'm making for our girlfriend get together at my house on Friday night. I was in a hurry because we got to the market at 10:30 and River's physical therapist comes at 11:00. Needless to say, we blew through the store buying only what we needed and some blackberries because they were on sale as well as Dinosaur nuggets cause they're Owen's favorite. If I don't have lunch on the table waiting for him when he gets off the bus, he storms in the house, pounds his hand on the table and yells, "Momma!"

Once we rush through the checkout where I bagged my own groceries because whenever they do it for me, they forget to put a bag in my basket and I have to go all the way back up there with two tired babies and a pick a fight with me attitude, we went back to the van. I parked the cart and took River out and proceeded to put her in her car seat, like I always do. An older woman stops at the back of the van and says, "You're such a great mom. I never see someone put their kid in before their bags. " Really? People do that? There really is a parent who would leave their kid in the cart while they secured their diaper bag, whole milk and everything bagels? Even in a hurry I put the kids in first. I can live if someone steals my wallet but if someone took my kid, I'm not so sure. Even when I have both kids, I put one in, go to the other side, put the other one in and then put my crap in the back, all with an eagle eye. The possible outcome of leaving my kids in the cart while I do other things just isn't worth it even if the possibility is minuscule.

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