Sunday, April 25, 2010

TwiCon ~ Day II

After putting my laptop away and before calling for my 9 AM wake up call, finally went to bed around 3 AM. The 9 AM wake up call felt a little frivolous but I was going to sleep pretty late and I didn't want to miss anything. I decided to eat breakfast in the restaurant down stairs, again frivolous but it was my goal to not get in my car the whole time I was there and I didn't. I ate eggs Benedict, which is my favorite and it was good. It stuck with me all day but it was good.

The Hillywood Show has these great Twilight and New Moon parodies that are really funny so I wanted to see them, which was first thing. If you like all things Twilight, it's worth looking up because they're funny. I liked the New Moon one better. After that, Edi Gathegi who played Laurent did a Q&A and then another Twilight Lexicon panel about their time on the red carpet. I liked their panel of Friday better as it was about visiting Forks. While it made me not want to go there, it was interesting. All of the stars that were there did Q&As and then autograph signings and photo ops. I only did Peter's cause I'm not really into the rest of them. It was nice to see all of them but how many autographs do you need, really?

There was also a TwilightMoms panel which I found way less than interesting. I really could give a shit about your brush with greatness. It's funny because I am a TwilightMombut I just didn't care. After that Kiowa Gordon who plays Embry had his Q&A. That guy must have been born with his brain on the outside of his head because he was just this side of functionally retarded. I had to leave in the middle of him talking because I found it to be complete drudgery to listen to him. He was like a better looking Keanu Reeves from Bill & Ted. Totally annoying and I hope that isn't distracting for me when I see him in Eclipse.

There was a Twilight auction where people paid hundreds of dollars for autographed items, which again, I don't get. It's one thing if they sign it for you, but isn't it something else entirely if they signed it a month ago, just so you'd buy it? Why would you pay $500 for that? What are you going to do with it, really?

I remembered to eat lunch this time, which made me feel a hundred times better than yesterday. I sat in front of a gigantic tapestry of Bella's truck and enjoyed my $4 sandwich and my tiny little Sprite and then went into the vendor room one more time. I bought a shirt and a few little things but I really didn't spend much money. I did buy little Cullen Crest key covers because I thought they were funny. They were selling some crazy crap including Cullen contacts. How annoying those things must be to wear. They also had a full box of Twilight trading cards for $72. Hello? What?

Michael Welch who played Mike Newton was the last Q&A I went to and he was actually pretty interesting. He had good stories and seemed comfortable which was nice. At least he didn't sit in a chair and stare blankly at the audience. That was definitely covered already. Before I went to blog before going home, I watched some cast interviews which I wasn't all that interested in, but it was there.

After that I blogged in the middle of a militant pow wow, I decided to head home. There was a Volturi ball later that night but I had zero plans to attend and the bowties were overly annoying. I thought it would be fun to see everyone dressed up like vampires but not enough to wait around for it. All in all, I had a great time and met some nice people, who weren't crazy. I wasn't sure that would be the case. I'm glad I went alone because I could do anything I wanted whenever I wanted to do it which I'm a fan of.
Now, what to do with a picture of me and Peter Fancinelli......

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