Friday, April 30, 2010

Pink Brace for River

I got a call this morning in the middle of Owen's twenty minute freak out because he couldn't have fruit snacks for breakfast. River's physical therapist wanted to come out and bring another lady from the Infant and Toddler program to look at her hand. She has the low muscle tone issue but she also keeps her right hand folded under when she crawls. It's like when she's crawling, she's got her thumb folded under her hand and she's using the inside of her hand as a brace. It isn't a huge deal but the only way to build up the muscle tone in that hand is to use it normally when crawling which she just doesn't do.

They tried many braces on her and the only one that came close to fitting was the smallest size. My baby has tiny hands, which pleases me. They needed to get the order in before the 7th or we'd have to wait til the next school year. So, they ordered a brace for her this morning. My natural instinct was to get the red but since it's for River, I got the pink. They had black too so it was a tough call. But I made a point to think of River and what she might want if she could ask for it and the pink screamed to me, as much as that pained me.

I hate that she needs a brace at all but instead of sitting around and moaning about it, I just got it done. I'm not looking forward to strapping it on every morning and begging her not to pull it off but I am looking forward to seeing her crawling normally and eventually walking. They said it takes forever to come in but beggars can't be choosers so it will be here when it's here. They said in the mean time I need to do massages with her arms and into her hands to help her with a sensory issue she seems to have with people touching her hands. I've noticed it before but didn't think much of it since I don't really like to be touched for the most part either.
I'm also supposed to do the same for her legs and feet before I put her down in the grass cause she hates that as well. She's OK if she's wearing long pants but in shorts and a light shirt, she doesn't even move. She just yells til I come to get her.
So now, we wait.....

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