Saturday, April 10, 2010

Jane's Garden Party!

Owen never likes to miss a party so when we were invited to Jane's first Birthday Garden Party, we were so there!

The weather was perfect. It was a little on the cool side but that's how I like it. It's the kind of weather where you could wear shorts and a sweatshirt. Kinda like a Mc DLT. Hot side hot, cool side cool. That reference is lost on you if you're under 30 but I'm OK with that. You can Google it.

Anyhoo, I knew Karen was making cupcakes with icing she made herself so that's all Owen needs for a party. Well into his second I decided to back him away from the cupcakes cause they are seriously the best friggen cupcakes I've ever tasted and if I loved them, I knew he was going ape shit for more. Karen sent me home with a few and I think they're already gone. Chris liked him so much that he described them like so, "These things are so good, they're like eating sex!" Nice.

Owen did his usual "sneak up to the Birthday girl in the middle of the song while no one is looking." He likes to jockey for position to get first dibs on the Birthday cake. Karen's mother slipped him a second one when I wasn't looking but it's a party so I let it go. I could tell he knew he probably shouldn't have it by the way he hid behind people's legs and watched me from behind. Such a sneaky little fucker!

They have a good size back yard and a large play gym thing with a slide that's awfully fast. They also borrowed a moon bounce for the day and they have one of those godforsaken sand tables. I absolutely hate sand, unless it's on the beach. Owen loves it and he and Cooper spent forever at that damn thing. That is until they decided to argue over some yellow container that I swear was antifreeze. In the middle of the tug of war Cooper just decided to end it by cracking Owen in the face with a shovel. While no one wants to see their baby getting hit and I'm not really sure what started it, I can't blame him. I can think of several occasions where I'd have liked to do the same. You can get away with that shit as a three year old but if you pummel somebody in the face with a shovel when you're in your 30s, people frown on it. But don't kid yourself into thinking that it doesn't cross my mind at least once a day.

I think the kids had fun. River just likes people looking at her and talking to her. Because she isn't walking, I had to hold her all day which limits the pictures I was able to take. I'll be so glad when she's walking and I know she will be too. Owen seemed to like playing with the other kids. Most of them were related so that's always a tough thing for a kid to get into. I felt bad for him when he didn't understand that they weren't really being mean, they're just used to playing together. It's also hard to make other kids understand that yes, Owen is big but he's only three and he has delays so he isn't ignoring you, he just isn't capable of what you're asking. But he can eat the hell out of some chicken nuggets!

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