Saturday, April 3, 2010

In God We Trust

Why is it OK to use God to sell your shit or push your agenda? Why won't real Christians take offense to this? It turns me off when the first thing I learn about someone is that they're a Christian because if that's what your pushing, I know it isn't true.

We've had a pretty physical week, the kids and I and since River seemed to not be 100% we kept it simple this weekend. I don't think she could handle too much so we stayed close to the house and mostly away from other kids. Chris needed a work book from Border's so we took a trip to the Annapolis Mall today.

After lunch, getting what we came for and a new Twilight DVD for Momma, we headed home. On the way down Rt. 2, just past abortion row we saw a group of people hanging into the street waving signs that were the same colours as McDonald's. As we got closer and I could make out what they said, I realized that someone was running for senate and the other sign was just annoying as it had nothing to do with someone running for any elected office, In God We Trust. I immediately knew that I'd get home and Goggle this nonsense so I played a game with myself during the drive. I wanted to see how many preconceived notions about this person would turn out to be true. I do this often cause it always makes me giggle. Here's what I came up with:

He's white as the day is long
Blond hair
Married with a couple of kids that look more like Hitler's dream than anything else
Republican as all get out
He'll be sniffing the throne of the troops cause that works every time
Somewhere on his site it will say, "God bless our troops and God bless the United States of America!"

Turns out I was right on the mark for most of it. I didn't look up his kids cause I'm not that invested, but I bet I'm pretty accurate. The first line of his website sounds more like he's selling Amway products than running for Senate:

"This campaign is about Freedom, your desire to live free, your right to dream dreams and to pursue those dreams. Your desire to live in the Land of the Free is as natural as breathing."

I had to laugh because you know this jackass hates fags and believes they shouldn't have the FREEDOM to marry.

You know he believes he has the right to tell me what to do with my body because I shouldn't have the right to have the FREEDOM to choose my own way.

My favorite part of his website was when he listed all of his family members who were veterans of wars and then had the balls to put this comment at the end,

"They Never Boasted About their
Humble Service and Sacrifices for our Freedom"

Yeah, they never did it but you sure didn't have a problem using it for your campaign. You dragged their sacrifices front and center when you thought it might be beneficial to you. Ahhh, that's what freedom is REALLY all about.

Why can't you just run for office without using God as your campaign manager? Don't you think he's got other things to do? If I were God I'd be so tired of these people sniffing my ass all day for their own benefit. Are there really people out there who can think so little on their own that they see your God signs and vote for you blindly? Are there really people like that? Oh wait, George Bush was President for eight years, of course there are.

Also, it's April. The campaign is like 7 or 8 months away. What are you even doing waving your propaganda around like you're standing in front of a polling booth? You have to unseat Barbara Mikulski. Ha! Good luck with that!

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