Friday, April 30, 2010

Girls Night In/Out

Tonight I have a group of girlfriends coming over to celebrate how fabulous we are. Everyone is coming around 7ish and we're all bringing something to share. I'm making my Spin/artichoke dip and I know someone is making pulled chicken sandwiches. This is good for my husband because he isn't stuck eating the same stuff I always make and I make a lot of chicken but never how Kelly is making it.

I'm also making Chai sun tea which I just love but don't make it often because of the caffeine. I sometimes like to have tea before bed and this tea which is made by Lipton seems to have more caffeine than any other tea I've had, but it's really, really good. Also, nothing is too good for my girls.

After we have our GNO at my house, we're going to walk to the bar up the street, which my husband likes to call the Regal Beagle. As long as we've lived here, I've only been once and while not as bad as I thought it would be, it's still pretty redneck. I once drove by and saw a woman standing next to her truck putting deodorant on. It was just gross. The kind of gross that sticks with you for the rest of the day. I was just glad that when I checked their website to see what was going on tonight that it wasn't Nascar night. That may have been a deal breaker for me.

I remember a couple of things from my one time at this bar. I'm from Nashville originally so I am well versed in redneck and there is no way that a redneck here could shock me with anything backwoods that I hadn't seen before. That being said, there were people here and there that could have had a few more teeth and there's always the obligatory sixty year old in a short velveteen skirt and line green halter. But I also remember all the black lights and how weird it looked on my black shirt and there was a stain on my jeans I guess that made it look like something phallic had been thrown across my knee. So, I am washing everything right now that I might even think of wearing tonight, just so that doesn't happen again.

Now that the kids are down for their naps, I've got to de-dog hair this house. Easier said than done when you have to empty the canister halfway through. It should be illegal how much this dog sheds.

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