Sunday, April 4, 2010

Easter Sunday Fun

I may have romanticized the Easters from when I was a kid but I'm pretty sure I don't remember them starting out with my mother giving me the Heimlich maneuver on the kitchen floor. That's how our Easter Sunday started when my little angel thought it wise to load an entire Reese's Peanut Butter cup into his mouth bright and early this morning.

I should have known we were in for trouble when he came running into the kitchen this morning and as he ran past the table he turned his head to see the Easter basket and said, "Whoa!" It wasn't even his normal voice, it was lower like he was actually shocked that all that candy was sitting right there, out in the open.

I freaked out a bit mid Heimlich because nothing was coming out and starting beating him feverishly on the back. Once he started screaming from the Easter abuse I could see that the whole peanut butter cup was stuck to the roof of his mouth and he couldn't get it off. I was able to dig it out as he drooled chocolate onto his socks and my leg, and yes, that's just as disgusting as you'd think it would be. Once he stopped crying, he ran straight back to the Easter basket. Hair of the dog I guess.

Anyhoo, we had an Easter egg hunt in the backyard and Owen gathered up all of the eggs for him and River. After we made a BIG Easter breakfast with blueberry pancakes and maple bacon (I can't even tell you how long it's been since I had maple bacon) we decorated eggs on the deck. Owen seemed to really like seeing the colours and loading them into the egg carton.

After the kids took a nap, we went over to our friend Skeeter's house. Skeeter is Tammy's brother and Tammy has been my friend for years and she's Owen's Godmother. Great family and I wish I saw them more. I think my kids could benefit from it. Tammy's son has two absolutely beautiful daughters and Owen had a great time playing with the youngest, Caroline. The food was so good today that Owen made us pack him a box to take home. He whined just at the thought of us leaving food behind. Once we got home, I made him a plate, but he just sat by that damn Easter basket repeating "Candy, candy, candy, candy...." over and over. Which reminds me, I'm going to hide that damn basket now or I'll never get his ass on the school bus.

OK, basket hidden. Now that the day is done, I get to lay in bed with my laptop, my favorite red drink and Johnny Flynn and The Sussex Wit. Good times.

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