Thursday, April 1, 2010

Blossoms, Babies and Beautiful Weather

Today we went into DC with some friends to the Cherry Blossom festival. There must have been a million people there. Just in our group there were 8 or 9 strollers and everyone had at least 2 kids with them. We were a forced to be reckoned with.
The blossoms were beautiful and fully bloomed. It was River's first time seeing them and she seemed to have a good time. It was the longest she'd ever gone without a nap and I think she held up pretty well. She got a little fussy late in the day but got her second wind after we finally got out of the city.
We took some pictures of each mom with their kids in front of the blossoms and then made a mad dash to the Metro to try to get Karen to her hair appointment, which she missed. I took pictures as I walked and got some really cute ones of Owen. I took some of the blossoms but to be honest, I have so many already that I tried not to do that and I skipped the Roosevelt Memorial entirely. I have taken some excellent shots there and just don't feel the need to do it again. He is my favorite President and it's my favorite monument in the city so I've been there more than a few times.
We took the train back to our cars. Owen LOVES the train! He talked about it while I read his books tonight and I'm guessing he'll still be talking about it tomorrow. I was ravenous once we got into the van and Sherry suggested we go to Chevy's for dinner, which was perfect. We ate, Owen covered himself in ice cream and then we hightailed it out of there as towards the end of the meal, I was falling asleep at the table..

When we finally got home, we were exhausted, but my kids were still all smiles and giggles. After I gave the kids a bath and washed 8 or so hours worth of funk from our bodies, I lay down on the bed with River to give her some milk before putting her down for the night. I was well past spent and closed my eyes for a second while she drank. I guess she wasn't having it and decided to ram her finger up my nose and into my subconscious. She really got it up there. It felt like it came out the back of my head. I almost fell off of the bed. If my husband had done that to me I would have kicked him. Since it was River, I just screamed, scarring the boy and then laid my angel in her crib. Seriously, how do you make a 1 year old understand that A, my nose is not a proper place for her finger and B, she almost gave me a frontal lobotomy? Not cool River, not cool.

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