Saturday, April 17, 2010

15 Month Photos

We got up bright and early and out of the this morning to go to our regular place to have our regular photographer take River's 15 month pictures. Usually River is a dream and just sits there occasionally smiling while I chase Owen around the store begging him to listen and offering a big sucker if he'll just sit still. Today was different.

Owen sat down immediately and didn't move. I had to do a double take to make sure I wasn't imagining it. Then I put River down and she started screaming as soon as her Swadler hit the black cotton backdrop. No idea what her deal was but she screamed through most of the sitting only occasionally coming up for air and never smiling. I don't really care that she isn't smiling in her pictures but I had the prettiest dress on her today and it was basically ruined. I spent $20 on all the pictures so that should show you how bad they were. He was able to get a sweet one of her in her bonnet, but that's about it.

The Dorothy dress I bought for Logan's baptism will just have to be photographed by me in the back of the house once the freakish child that is sitting in front of me turns back into my little angel. Well, she just threw her Hello Kitty bowl across the room so she must be reemerging. Welcome back River, welcome back.

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