Sunday, March 7, 2010

Today, I Burn My Bras.

Well, not literally.

Since before I birthed Owen, I've worn nursing bras. I wore them when it was appropriate but since my daughter is now one, I've worn them when it wasn't. Since having more children isn't even something I get to think about, It's time to move on.
On my way out of the door today to go bra shopping, my husband yelled the best thing he could have. "Get a couple. Spend some money!" While I'm not a big spender, I knew I needed to take the plunge so I was open to it. To me bras are in the "things you need" category, like toilet cleaner and new tires. There's nothing at all fun about buying these things, but you just have to do it. I like to spend money on things that are fun like Rolling Stones t-shirts for the kids or a movie I know I'll watch 30 times.
I was able to find two bras at the mall that worked. They're both black because I was bra shopping, not recreating the wheel. Black bras are how I roll. If I really needed a light coloured bra, I could always go back but I can think of no reason I'd ever need one. I don't wear white shirts. The last time I tried I ruined it before I got out of the house. Not to mention that I think I look like a corpse in white. I don't tan so this is pretty much my colour all year round.
Anyhoo, I'm trashing my nursing bras today. Wearing nursing bras well over a year after your last kid was born is just as bad as still wearing maternity pants. It just makes you feel bad about yourself. I have some maternity shorts in my closet and I plan to toss those as well. Seeing them in there is so degrading. I think they're watching me. I can almost hear them taunting me from back in the corner, "Come on chunky, you know you want me!"


  1. Wow you are right! I really need to go shopping:)

  2. lmao! I hid my maternity clothes after I found them staring at me wide eyed as I ate.