Monday, March 22, 2010

Teabaggers are Assholes

I believe that in this Democracy that we live in, people should be free to make their own choices and decisions regarding just about everything. It would be nice if you could vote for a health care bill because you want all people to have access to affordable health care, without being called a nigger 15 times by people standing on the Capital spewing their love of our county. It would be nice if you could vote for the health care bill without being called a faggot, but since being an asshole isn't illegal, that's exactly what happened.

These are the same Americans who tie yellow ribbons around their trees and praise soldiers who fight and die to protect our freedoms that they don't think all Americans should have, just Americans like them.

These are the same Americans that don't think Americans should help other Americans in need of affordable health care, but still call themselves Christians when they tuck their babies in at night.

These are the same Americans that sit on their couches in their homes and say to their loved ones, "What's wrong with calling him a nigger? Did it even happen? I didn't see any video."

It's never ending.

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