Monday, March 22, 2010

The Tale of Two Moons

So today after I took Owen to the doctor to see what the hell is wrong with him now, I decided to take a covert trip to Target. I saw online that there are different versions of the New Moon DVD, which just came out. I bought the one from Walmart last month. It hasn't come yet but I also heard there was a three disc deluxe edition at Target. I didn't want to share this info with my husband for fear that I'd sound like an excessive crackpot (which I am) so I snuck over on the way home with Owen. If it had been $30, I wouldn't have bought it because it just would have been ridiculous. However, it was on sale for $19, with a $5 gift card offer. SCORE! That would make it much easier to lay it out to my husband when I got home. Turns out he didn't care anyway. He said he draws the line at owning three copies of the same DVD so technically, I could buy one more. That was my interpretation anyway.

I rarely buy movies because my husband has an ass load that we never watch and we just don't have the room. Also, to say our taste differs is somewhat of an understatement. If I had to watch Basketball in it's entirety, I'd probably hang myself from an overpass. However, I knew I'd buy New Moon, just like I bought Twilight and just like I will buy Eclipse and Breaking Dawn, weather it's one movie or two. Besides the actual movie, my favorite thing on a DVD is deleted and extended scenes. I really, really have to love a movie to give a shit about deleted scenes and this DVD I bought today is supposed to have good ones, which I will be watching as soon as I'm done here.

The funny part of the story of me sneaking into Target today is that I (of course) ran into my friend (who shall remain nameless) while I was on my top secret New Moon mission. She even told me, "Oh, I already got it and watched it on Pay preview." I didn't have the heart to tell her,, "Yeah, I already bought it too but I' lurking for a second copy for more footage."

I'm like a 15 year old but with bigger boobs and clear skin. Also, I didn't cuss this much when I was 15. Ah fuck it! Who am I kidding, yes I did.

Also, I'd totally make fun of the Edward doll above it I didn't already own it.

And for those who are wondering, the doctor said my kid is totally fine. He threw up all over me and that was it. I wish I could throw up all over somebody and then feel better.

Go in peace.


  1. Wow, you bought the doll. I'm going to give in and watch the movie it must be good if you own the doll.

  2. That nameless friend was ME!!! Why did you not tell me that there was a more special edition of New Moon! Your obsession with the series is almost comparable to mine with Dr. Quinn. Don't even get me started:-). The stories I could tell you... and heh, I started my obsession when I was twelve:-). A DOLL!!!!!!! You are sooo funny Michelle!!!! (can I borrow the special special edition of NM when you're done? LOL)