Friday, March 12, 2010

Remember Me...The Aftermath

Ok, so I finally saw Remember Me, a movie I've been waiting months for. I wanted to come home and say how wonderful it was. I wanted to come home and say that in Robert Pattinson's first roll as a normal person that he was incredible and easily carried the movie on his own. I wanted to be bouncing with joy at this wonderful movie that I couldn't wait to see again, but none of these things are true, so I can't say any of them.

The truth is, the movie had potential, but it failed on several levels.

First off, you're British. That's OK, but get a dialect coach for the love of God! Your co-star must have one because I never heard her Australian accent busting through.

Second, take smaller rolls as normal people and build up to a roll like this. As much as I adore you, you are not ready to carry a movie on your own. I don't care how great your hair is. Yes, you played Edward well in Twilight and OK in New Moon, but let's not get carried away, playing a 90 year old vampire is a lot different than playing a 22 year old college student who has real people thoughts. Playing a socially inept London crack pot and Salvador Dali did not prepare you for this. Don't get me wrong, I was totally digging you rubbing up on another guy but it prepared you for nothing.

Third, if you're Executive producer, sue the guy who did your editing because I noticed a lot of shit y'all fucked up. How can I notice that one second there is a cigarette in your mouth and then it's gone and a second later it's back and then it's gone again? Are you smoking a cigarette or not? Figure it out! How can I notice it and no one else does? The people you pay to do this need to put their dicks down and do their job. It's very frustrating and it happened several times. It's not rocket science people.

I'm not saying I wouldn't lick your toes, I'm just saying, there are two words to keep in mind, SMALLER ROLLS.

One final thing and if you haven't seen Remember Me yet and would like it to not be spoiled, STOP READING NOW!!!

September 11th is a special thing that maybe the 15 year old fans just don't get, but for me it's just too soon to make it a tag line of a movie. I went to school in Manhattan and know way too many people whose lives were terribly altered, to say the least by this horrible thing. I understand a need for a twist to shock people but it didn't need to be that. Many other things could have happened at the end of this movie and many went through my head as it neared the end, but I could have lived without this ending. Adding the whole September 11th thing in just made the movie creepy for me. When you personally know people who have had to throw away every porous thing they own because they were covered in human remains, it makes the plot twist in a movie a lot less appealing.

Sometimes I've seen movies that are so disturbing that I can't really discuss them and I'm not even sure if it was a good film or if I really liked it. It may take me a few days for it to sink in before I can figure it out. The ending just disturbed me to a point where I just haven't found the words.

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