Thursday, March 11, 2010

Remember Me....It's On!

Remember Me is finally being released today and I have been waiting for this movie like a kid waits for an ice cream cone.

I have had the script for months and have avoided spoilers daily. This is difficult when you're both a member of Robsessed AND a Twilight Mom and before you even say it, yes I know how creepy it is that I am a member of both of those groups so I don't need to hear it from you. They are everywhere! I've avoided interviews and magazine articles and pretty much the whole press junket they did over the last two weeks in New York. I have so much stuff backed up on my DVR that it will take me weeks to get through it. It's kind of like Playboy. I've just looked at the pictures.
So, I've talked my non-Twilight loving friend into going to see it with me tonight in Annapolis. To be honest, I would have gleefully gone to see it alone because A, I didn't want to wait and B/ I LOVE seeing movies by myself. I got into the habit when my last relationship went sour and I just wanted to not be near his ass. I also think Karen will like the movie and she's always a good time.
Chris thinks I'm trying to get away from him but seeing movies on my own, while it sounds sad, turned out to be just the oposite, supprisigly liberating.
Also, any reason to post a picture of Robert Pattinson who is a big ole' piece of eyeball candy!
Because I'm an ass, I posted this yesterday. I was so excited about it that I jumped the gun. I took it down and reposted it today so it would make more sense to the lay man.

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