Monday, March 1, 2010

Port Discovery

Since Friday is Owen’s last hoorah before school starts on Monday, we got together with some friends and went into Baltimore to Port Discovery. I think we’d been once before when Owen was very young but the only thing I remembered about the trip were the large glass doors at the entrance so it wasn’t all that memorable. I figure if I didn’t remember it, the likelihood of Owen doing so was almost nil.

We met some friends and followed them in so Owen had lots to do and lots of kids to do it with. The place is separated into different rooms to play in. The first one we went into was the diner one. It had booths lining the wall, a kitchen to cook the play food they have and even a working jukebox.

The room that seemed to be the biggest crown pleaser was the water room. There was tons of stuff in there including things to pump water and a water gun. Owen liked throwing the small toys and boats in the water and then following them down the rapids. There was even a seat for River to sit in where she could play with the toys in the water. She mostly just splashed around but she seemed to love it. The museum offers slickers for that room and we used them but I still had to wring their clothes out when we were finished. I knew they were getting soaking wet but I didn’t know how to prevent it. I guess I could have put them in short sleeves but when we got into the city, it felt like we were fighting gale forced winds.

They even have a room that’s like a Royal Farms. When we got there it was trashed from the field trippers but it was still pretty cool. The kids played with the fake groceries and cash registers and seemed to have a good time fighting over fake bottled of Tide and jockeying for position in the Royal Farms Volkswagen bug. Owen seemed Ok with Natalie driving, which I find funny cause you know about crazy red headed drivers!

I would totally go there again and it might even be more fun as the kids get older. They have a climbing thing that reached up 3 or 4 floors. I know Owen would have fun on that but it would be hard with River in tow. Also, they told us that even with the weather, there were 5 field trip buses coming that day. That’s just too many big kids for it to be safe for the little ones.

We left in time to get home for naps and still had a great time. Owen probably could have gone all day but River is cut from a different cloth. She gets pissy without a nap.

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