Thursday, March 11, 2010

Pigtails 101

Seriously? How cute can one child be?

These are River's first pigtails and I'm impressed as she's just over a year old. She has so much hair that I've been looking for new ways to keep it out of her face because if I don't watch it, it looks a little like a helmet. She also looks homeless sometimes so that's something else I have to look out for.

I put hair bows in her hair every day and at first it was because she looked so damn cute in them but then it because a necessity if we wanted to see her face. I mean she rocks a hair bow but she has started to pull them out and laugh at me when I get annoyed so I thought it was a good idea to have another plan.

These ponytails mean many things. They mean that she's got the hair of a Greek god(dess), just like her brother. They mean I get years of brushing her hair. They mean years of pulling snot out of her hair when she has a cold but most importantly they mean that she will be able to be Dorothy for Halloween this year. Those puppies are totally braidable. I tried it last year but finally, we have arrived.

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