Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Onesies, Sunglasses and Shark Bites

Today after Owen's bus picked him up, River and I went to the Annapolis Mall to try to find a long sleeve, white onesie for a playgroup picture. We get all the kids together once a year to have their photograph taken. Last time we did a separate one of just the babies and it turned out well so we're doing it again this year. River was the first "new baby" and the last time we did it there were only three babies, now there are five!

So we go to the mall and I get out of the van with the radio still playing because I'm listening to a Myley Cyrus song. As I am singing to this mindless dribble, I go to get the Jeep jogger out of the back which is usually pretty simple. Not realizing that I'm resting it against my leg as I tried to pop it open because I'm singing along, it pinches the chuck on the top of my leg and the pain is something I can't possibly explain. It hurt so bad that I actually screamed "MOTHER FUCKER!" right there in front of my one year old. Way to bring the ghetto to the mall with me. I knew Myley was nothing but poison.

I decided to go into the bathroom first thing fully expecting to look down and see what looks like a shark bite on my thigh. While I didn't see anything that bad, it was raised and kinda blue. It hurts when I walk. How I can maim myself while getting out of my own car is beyond me, although it shouldn't have been so shocking as I gave myself a concussion once on a roof rack in Colorado.

Anyhoo, we decided on an all white theme so all the kids are wearing white onesies, which as I learned today at the mall is much harder to find than you might think. I hobbled to five or six different stores before walking into Hanna Anderson, a store that I almost never shop in because paying $50 for a cotton dress unnerves me, but I found a onesie with a nice collar so it will be clear that she is a girl.

I also found in my travels a groovy pair of sunglasses for River. She looks like Jackie-O! How was I not suppsed to buy them? Seriously, am I a machine?

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