Sunday, March 21, 2010

Lazy Saturday

We had originally planned to take the kids into DC on Saturday to the Smithsonian and some monuments but because Owen had been doing the ole' heave ho all night, we decided to stick close to home and take it easy.

We took the kids to the park instead and it was beautiful! The weather was perfect and we all wore shorts. I know it's supposed to get cold again this week but we were all over it while we had the chance. River even got a little sun under her eyes.

Our master plan was to put River in the stroller and then walk around the park trails until we ended up at the playground. Owen had other plans. As soon as we started to walk in the opposite direction, he lost his shit and refused to move. SO, because he'd been sick, we relented and just walked toward the playground which immediately perked him up. He had a good time playing in the sandbox with some other kids. Thankfully I'm blessed with a kids who plays really well with others.

After the playground we walked down to the water and hung out for a while. The water was freezing, as is to be expected but I stood in it for a few minutes to take a few pictures of the kids.

On the way home we stopped at the market and Chris ran in to pick up some sides for dinner. When he came back, he let me know that he'd bought me "a prize." Now, out of the kindness of his heart he bought me some wine coolers. He did this because Jack Daniels makes these kick ass drinks that I just love and they're 5% alcohol, which really isn't a lot. I don't drink them often, but if I have a drink at home, that's what it is. I guess he thought they were in the same family, they aren't. Wine coolers contain sulfites, which I am allergic to and these things are 3.2% alcohol, which is roughly the same alcohol content in kool-aid.

It isn't like I haven't had one of these before. I must have because when I took a sip I immediately acknowledged to myself and my husband that they tasted like the
8th grade.

Ahhhhhh, memories.

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