Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Heather Owens

Generally I think I know everything and in most settings I am not proven wrong, but I really like when I am. It's like when a friend calls bullshit on me when what I'm saying makes no sense. It makes me respect them more because most people just don't do that. Taking a refresher course on a subject you went to college for, falls in this category.

I was a photography major in college and I have always loved taking pictures. I cracked my first roll of film in the 5th grade and I just fell in love with it. I can still smell the stop bath and I haven't developed a roll of film or printed a photograph on Ilford Pearl B&W photo paper in 19 years.

While I still take pictures of everything, most of the well over 15,000 pictures that I have on my computer and external hard drive are of my beautiful children. They're both so photogenic that I can't help myself. I'm one of those people who could easily take 1,000 pictures in one day and not feel bad about it. No one ever says, "Damnit, I took too many pictures!"

I took a photo class today given by Heather Owens who is a really talented local photographer. The class was a very basic class about the camera and what it can do. I know what ISO, f/stop and aperture mean but it doesn't mean that I always know how to use them. I've been out of school for almost 20 years and the camera I used back then was a Minolta x-700, which is basically a fossil now. I still have it and when I pick it up, it looks like a camera my grandfather would own. It looks really out of date and there's a good reason for that. It is!
I thought Heather was really good at teaching this class in that she doesn't seem full of shit, which is refreshing. She spoke clearly about things that everyone wanted to know. There was a bit of ass kissing the teacher, but I coughed my way through that with little incident.

After class we were able to go into Tiber Alley and use our cameras to use some of the ideas she'd given us. It was nice because Tiber Alley is in Main Street, Ellicott City and underneath is is a creek and the building are old and there seemed to be old grey/brown stone everywhere, so it's really pretty.

Anyway, good day.

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