Monday, March 8, 2010


When I was pregnant with Owen I was pretty miserable from the 6 1/2 month point on, so I spent a lot of time at home. I quit my job and my first full day out of work was the day Anna Nicole Smith finally did herself in. Needless to say, I learned more about that selfish bitch that week than I ever wanted to know. However, something else far less nauseating happened that first day as well, the WB was going off the air and it played the pilot episodes of a lot of shows they'd played. As I was hiding from the ANS coverage I decided to watch some of it. The first show they played was the pilot episode of Felicity. I knew after watching the first show that I needed to watch the whole series. I waddled to Boarder's that night and bought it. Three days later I had my husband go out and buy the second year. My obsessive compulsive personality was rearing it's ugly head. It happens.

Felicity is the story of a girl from California who follows a guy to New York to go to school. She changes her college plans months before entering Stanford when she finds out where he's going. Very stalkerish and some of it is cringe worthy because, who does that? However, I fell in love with this show and watched all four years, four times before Owen was born. Senior year was so good that I think I watched it six times. As I was way past hormonal, I cried my way through all four years and I mean CRIED. I watched most of it alone and it was very moving for me. Although I was beside myself with glee when she cut her hair (which she got a lot of shit for)because it needed to be done.

I'm watching it again now because I stumbled upon it when I was cleaning and I just love Keri Russell. I think she can do no wrong. I actually liked The Waitress. Also, Scott Speedman is a piece of ass and he's my husband's age, which is refreshing. Lately every guy who I find excessively hot is 23 so it's nice when one is at least over 30. Not that it matters. I hope I never get so old where I stop finding men half my age good enough to eat. I'm married, not dead. I plan to be ninety years old and poking young hot guys in the ass with my cane.

Hi honey!

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