Tuesday, February 23, 2010

A Road Less Traveled

Because Owen turned three yesterday, I had to take him to his three year well check at his Pediatricians’s office. It used to be an easy visit. He’d laugh and giggle while she weighed and measured him and then checked his ears before giving him a sticker, which he never really cared about and we’d be on our way as he downed Puffs, Goldfish or whatever other snack was handy, but it’s not like that anymore.

Now when we go in, it is impossible to do any of those things without some fancy foot work. Owen totally loses his shit when I take his shirt, pants or shoes off. I have no idea why. I used to think it was just a control issue but this kid just does not like to be naked. After the nurse checks us in they tell me to leave his pants and shirt off til the doctor comes. Negative. If it took the doctor 15 minutes to come in, I’d have to sit through 15 minutes of his freaking out and crying, with real tears. I just strip him when she comes in so we get to start all over. Good times.

Anyway, we were able, with some trickery on my part, to get his measurements and at three, he’s 46 pounds, 42 inches and he’s in the 97%! He hasn’t been on the charts since he was 9 months old! Although I hope I never run into this mutant 3% because I just can’t imagine a kid bigger than Owen. He’s so strong that it was like wrestling with a cheetah to get him to not kick the nurse during his flu mist. When he got his H1N1 mist a few month back, he kicked the male doctor in the juju beads! I know it had to hurt but I kinda saw it coming so maybe he should have prepared better.

After the appointment, I had to buy him a few things for school so I took him to the Mall. We went to Stride Rite first to get it out of the way. I knew he needed shoes and I knew that he’d freak when I took his shoes off. He cried/screamed the whole time we were in that fucking store and I wanted to kick him when no one was looking. I didn’t, but wanted to.

I bought him new groovy shoes, which I’m sure everyone else will hate, like I care. It’s nice to shop for him when I’m alone so I can dress him a little more hip than others usually allow. I took him to H&M to get a few things and ended up getting more for River off of the $5 rack, but he got a cool Rolling Stones shirt. I also bought a Stones shirt for River and some cute dresses. A guy that worked there stopped Owen and showed him to his co-workers. He thought Owen’s hair was the coolest thing he’d ever seen. They all agreed that I should never cut his hair. It’s always nice to hear this as I get so much crap from the older crowd about how Owen’s hair “should be.” I think people should worry more about teaching their kids to not judge people who take a road less traveled than they do about the length of my son’s beautiful hair.

What people seem to not understand is that I don't care what you think. I'm not embarrassed when you think my son is a girl. I just can't bring myself to give two shits about what you think about the length of my son's hair. Is that what normal people think about all day? Really? No thanks. Society doesn't dictate the hair cuts or lack there of in my home. I've never done anything because I'm supposed to, so why would I start now?

So take that!

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  1. You are so brave to take him to a doctor's appointment and a shoe store in the same day! Haha:) I don't know what's worse never wanting to be naked or always wanting to be naked.