Monday, February 22, 2010

My Baby Boy Is Three!

Full of happiness and smiles as he spent the morning with one of his best friends at the Train museum, running around getting filthy and busting his lip on the walkway. He only cried for a minute and he was off while the blood was still on his bottom lip. He miles more than any kid I’ve met, other than his little sister.

After the train museum, we came home for a nap, which he never took and then went out to dinner at the Texas Roadhouse for his Birthday. It’s the perfect place for a kid like Owen cause it’s like a big barn so the noise he makes is hardly noticed. This was especially helpful tonight as he ran around yelling, laughing and acting like a crazy person who just got out of prison. He seemed to spend more time under the table than he did in his seat. I even let him drink a chocolate milk that was so dark t looked more like Virginia mud that any milk I’d ever seen.

I think he had a great day today and spent the last few minutes of the day surrounded by all the toys he got at his Birthday party. He loves every one of them. After we put him to bed, he cried out “fish, fish, fish” over and over. I thought he wanted a snack until I opened the door and he ran out and grabbed the big stuffed fish he got as a gift.

He is an awesome kid!

Three years ago I didn’t know a boy could have such beautiful hair.
Three years ago I didn’t know I’d be buying a backpack for such a young boy.
Three years ago I didn’t realize my son would say “goodbye” to his playgroups so soon.
Three years ago I didn’t know I could be so proud of my special little boy.

Yay Owen!

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