Saturday, February 6, 2010

Jack Frost 1, Michelle 0

This is bullshit. Why do we have a need for 25 inches of snow? It isn’t even like it’s finished vomiting icy goodness on us. It’s supposed to snow all day and into the night. Thank God for the guy who lives two doors down who snow plowed the sidewalks all the way up the street. He fell out of a tree when we first moved here and they weren't sure he'd walk again. I'm glad it worked out cause that shit would have taken Chris all day long with a shovel. We’ve totally got to get one of those after the season is over. I’m sure if we tried to buy one now, we’d get hosed. I think it’s better to wait til not everybody is hunting for one.

Our poor dog is so confused. I let her out at midnight last night and she just wondered around the deck trying to get down the stairs that looked more like a ski slope. She gave up and finally pooped on the deck, which was what I really wanted her to do. I knew she’d fall down the stairs and then not be able to get back up. I wasn’t interested in carrying a 104-pound dog up 6 steps and shoveling her ass a route at 12 AM was out of the question. The wind was whippin up something fierce. The one good thing about snow is that it can be really pretty, especially right before it gets dark. I love tricking my camera and getting better shots.

Owen seemed to have a good time running around and shoveling. It’s all fun and games now but somehow I think when he’s 15 and I tell him to do it, I’ll get lip. I mean he’s still gonna do it but it will probably be less fun with your mother shooting darts through the window with her eyeballs. Less fun for him anyway.

I couldn’t really take River out. There was no place that I could sit her down and I didn’t think she really cared anyway. I let her touch the snow and she didn’t seem to thrilled with it. Tomorrow when the snow is through, I’ll take her out in the wagon or something for pictures.

Nothing says I love you like taking pictures of your husband from the warmth of the inside while he shovels through two feet of a snow filled driveway. I like to document the moments as he shovels himself into a vile mood. Hey, I offered to help.

Ok, the snow finally stopped and we’re at 28 inches and that’s the flat part. The drifts aren’t even human.

Also, snowed in on Super Bowl Sunday? Is there no God?

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