Saturday, January 23, 2010

River's Party

Today we had a Birthday party for our baby girl! She turned one last week and I was excited to get some of their friends together to celebrate with us. Not everyone could come. We have a good friend who is a nurse and she works on the weekend so we knew she wouldn't be able to come but we still missed her. I guess saving lives trumps a Birthday Party!

Anyhoo, I made River her cake, which didn't come out like my vision, but I still liked it. It was red velvet and I didn't really eat any. I tasted it and it was OK, but I'm not really a cake fan. I made lots of food which seemed to go over well, but I didn't eat a lot of it so it could have been total shit and as much time as I spent making it, I would have no clue.

River got lots of great gifts including a piggy bank with her name on it and a pink sock monkey outfit. I am a huge fan of the sick monkey so you can't really go wrong with that.

When it was time to get the cake out, I was a little worried. Owen has a terrible track record with Birthday cake so I was waiting for him to lose his shit like he always does but I was surprised that that didn't happen. If I had to guess it's because his father probably shoveled some into his mouth when I wasn't looking, but I didn't ask.

Owen's friend Alexa showed fashionably up late and I have to tell you, she is the closest thing to a girlfriend that Owen has and when she walked in, it was like the room stopped. Max walked up and hugged her and I thought Owen was going to take him out. I could feel River's eyes on the hugging and while I couldn't read her mind, I know what she was thinking. "Get this bald Asian chick out of my party! The hugs are for me, it's my Birthday!" Alas, she said nothing so we continued with the cake festivities. We sang Happy Birthday and River dove into her cake.

Now when Owen turned one, I put his cake in front of him, got a little icing on his fingers and cried til I cleaned it off, but not River. She went for it, dug right in and then smeared it all over her face. Chris had to give her a bath in the middle of her party. I don't remember much about college, but I think that means you had a really good time. Also, what red velvet cake does to a diaper was shocking! Red poop is never welcome here. It knocked her out though. She slept like she was getting paid for it. I took the last picture when we had to wake her up. She was not pleased.

Happy Birthday River!

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  1. Sorry I couldnt make it :-( Looks like you guys had a blast!!!!! Happy first birthday River! BTW, Michelle-- LOVE the cake, it looks awesome!!