Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Low Muscle Tone

Owen has been in the Infant and Toddler Program since before River was born. I think he started it the month before she came and it's been very good for him. He makes strides daily. For a kid who wasn't talking when he was two, at almost three, he never seems to shut up now. Just today at Walmart, we were looking around for things for River's party and a woman said "I like your hat," to Owen. He looked over his shoulder, while still walking away and shouted, "holla!"

Now while I know I taught him that word, I taught it totally out of context and while pushing my hands up into the air. Every time I do that now, he shouts out "holla!" Funniest thing ever. I just didn't know he would use it in a situation like this. I have to admit that I laughed so hard I couldn't speak to the woman who just looked confused. No worries. I've left many a folk with that same lost look on their face. Why shouldn't he? He's half me. He got the devious half.

We had River's 1 year appointment today and while we waited for the nurse, I told Owen that River had to get some shots. He thought about it for a second, looked up at me and whispered, "lock the door." That's huge. Hilarious and huge for a kid with a speech delay. He's so smart and is always thinking. He just has a tough time putting his thoughts together to express himself sometimes.

So, as not to waste time like I thought I did with Owen. I had River evaluated through I & T as well. She seemed to be behind in gross motor skills. She wasn't moving how I thought an almost one year old should be moving. Turns out I was right. She has "low muscle tone," whatever that means. I think her legs just need to be strengthened up a bit. I'm hoping they will show me some things to do with her to help her exercises and build up her leg muscles. She really wants to move. She does the army crawl faster than I've ever seen!
These pictures are from today at River's 1 year checkup. Owen would only allow a picture if I let him eat her Goldfish. Will it ever return to a simpler time? I used to be able to take hundreds of pictures of Owen a day and now he won't sit still unless I give him food.
Also, River finally doubled her birth weight! She weighs just under 20 pounds. Owen weighed 23 pounds when he turned 6 months old so having a tiny person in our family is new to us.

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