Friday, January 8, 2010

How Did That Thing Even Fit?

Today I went into my Urologists office to finally have my stint removed after the surgery on New Year's Eve. I had the x-rays in hand that I'd had taken but I just don't look at things like that if I don't have to. Some things should remain unseen. Like I don't want to know how my car runs, I just want to know that it does. That kinda thing.

Anyhoo, after an insurance snafoo and a morning of my little angel running around the office building yelling and screaming, I was finally able to get in there and have it removed. They don't put you to sleep for this procedure, but really they should. It's barbaric. It must have been a man that decided local numbing only cause no woman who ever had it done would have agreed to that bullshit!

I really hope I never have to have this done again but since this is my 8th kidney stone, I'm not holding my breath. Everything about it from start to finish was a nightmare. I have felt like crap since I woke up in pain on Christmas Eve. I wouldn't wish this on anyone and it's true what they say about it being a lot like childbirth. Granted, I had c-sections but I went through some contractions and this is worse than anything I dealt with on the days my children were born.
Once I was finished with the procedure which thankfully only took 15 minutes or so, I looked at my x-rays on the way to the car. I was shocked at the length of the stint. Here I thought it was just a small piece of plastic that was maybe 3 inches long and it turned out to go from my hoo-haa, all the way to my kidney. No wonder it hurt when I sat down. How they thought that things was going to give me any relief is beyond me.
Anyway, it's done.

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