Friday, January 1, 2010

Flightless Bird

I bought the Twilight soundtrack(s) and am shocked how much I love them! I usually am not a fan of new music but some of this stuff is really good and perfect for the film.

I think my favorite song on the CD is Never Think, which was obviously written specifically for this movie. The words fit so well that that would be way too much of a coincidence. I knew Robert Pattinson could sing, but I didn't know he could sing like that. Also, Bella's Lullaby is an amazing piece of music. It's absolutely beautiful and I would be shocked if it WERE written for this movie. Someone wrote that for someone they loved in the real world. While music from movies can be beautiful and moving, this is too much of both.

The one thing I'm surprised isn't on the CD is Debussy's Claire De Lune. I thought that was an intricate part of the movie when Edward was embarrassed of what he was listening to and afraid she would think it was stupid. I really wanted it on the soundtrack. I've been listening to it for weeks and really think they should have included it. So much so that I uploaded the soundtrack on iTunes and then added it in the middle cause it just made sense. This is the kind of music that you could lose yourself in, good or bad.
Also, my new favorite band, MUSE. How have I missed them for so long? They're my new Killers.

Happy New Years!

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